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NORAD Santa Tracker Live: Watch Santa’s Progress

It’s time! The NORAD Santa Tracker has gone live, following Santa’s progress around the world as he delivers gifts this Christmas Eve. The NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) tracker began early this morning, with Santa’s first stop in Russia and a travel route that crosses Asia, Africa, Europe, and then the Americas. This tracking Santa tradition began in 1955, …

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Google’s Santa Tracker Goes Live On Christmas Eve

Earlier this month, Google revealed its new Santa Tracker for 2013. While it may have lost NORAD to Microsoft, it put together its own (and arguably better) Santa Tracker experience to help kids keep track of where the big man is on Christmas Eve. While Google has been updating the Santa Tracker site all month with new games, animations and …

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NORAD Tracks Santa, Critics Hop On

NORAD Tracks Santa has brought excitement to children around the world since 1955. The Christmas-themed program is produced under the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and has been found in various forms of media over the years: telephone hotlines, television, internet, and mobile media. But this year the program has come under attack. According to Yahoo News, a children’s …

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Google May Have Lost NORAD, But It’s Still Tracking Santa This Year

After years of collaboration with Google, NORAD decided to partner with Microsoft instead last year to release its Santa Tracker app exclusively on Windows 8. That’s not going to change this year, but Google will be releasing its own Santa Tracker app that takes advantage of the new Google Maps. Google announced today that it’s launching the Google Santa Tracker …

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Google Shares Behind-The-Scenes Look At Santa Tracker App

As NORAD went with Bing in 2012 as its provider of choice for tracking Santa, Google put together its on Santa Tracker app for Android. Over the weekend, the company posted a video of the app’s developers discussing its making. It should prove to be an interesting watch for those of you developing for Android. And here’s a behind-the-scenes look …

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