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Should Linking To Copyrighted Material Be Illegal?

Despite how you feel on the matter, online piracy is illegal. Various courts throughout the country have said again and again that uploading pirated works on the Internet for others to download is illegal. The copyright lobby hasn’t really done much about it in recent years after finding out that suing everybody wasn’t good for their image. There is, however, …

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Jimmy Wales Got a Little Testy with Reporters About the O’Dwyer Case

In spite of what appeared to be a decision from the United Kingdom’s Home Office to continue with the extradition of accused copyright-infringer Richard O’Dwyer to the United States, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales maintains that reports of the Home Office’s decision are false. On Tuesday, V3 published a comment from U.K. Home Secretary Theresa May’s office saying that it would …

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Despite Protests, UK Will Feed Richard O’Dwyer to US Officials Anyways

In a paradigm switch of imperialism, the United Kingdom is apparently to now be considered the Far Eastern United States given the fate of TVShack webmaster Richard O’Dwyer. Despite having not committed any crime on U.S. soil and hosting no servers in the U.S., and in defiance of widespread support to block O’Dwyer’s extradition, V3 has confirmed with the office …

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Pressure Mounts on UK to Halt Richard O’Dwyer’s Extradition to US

Although the United Kingdom has yet to withdraw plans to extradite Richard O’Dwyer to the United States in order to face charges related to copyright infringement, a separate case that isn’t entirely dissimilar to O’Dwyer’s situation may have increased pressure on the British government to take action to prevent his extradition. Anton Vickerman, who ran the site surfthechannel.com, has been …

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Jimmy Wales Pens Petition to Halt Richard O’Dwyer’s Absurd Extradition to U.S.

Earlier this year, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales added instrumental support in the internet’s successful fight against the U.S. government-backed Twin Bills of Terrible known as SOPA and PIPA. For his second act, Wales is hoping he can once again use the internet to galvanize supporters in both the public and the government to take up the cause of U.K. student …

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Richard O’Dwyer’s Mom Speaks Out Against US Control of the Internet

In case you forgot, the story of Richard O’Dwyer fits right into the anti-SOPA/PIPA mood that permeates across the Internet, save for the United States government, of course. O’Dwyer ran a site called TVShack.net which posted links to downloadable copyrighted material, including, as the name suggests, television shows. For his actions, O’Dwyer was arrested by British police and was ordered …

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