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“Operation Crash” Takes Down Black Rhino Horn Salesmen

A federal grand jury in Los Vegas today issued indictments for two men accused of selling black rhinoceros horns in the U.S. The men were caught in a sting that was part of “Operation Crash,” a nationwide investigation into the rhino horn trade led by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Servie and the Justice Department. Edward N. Levine and Lumsden …

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Rhino Hunt Permit A Controversial Poaching Solution

The effort to save endangered species from poachers seems to have taken a bizarre turn where the black rhino is concerned. The Dallas Safari Club is reportedly planning to auction a permit for hunting a black rhino in Namibia. The hunt would allow for the killing of a lone post-breeding bull. Club executive director Ben Carter says that the move …

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Camera Traps Capture Elusive Sumatran Rhino

The World Wildlife Fund announced earlier today that an elusive Sumatran rhinoceros has been caught on camera in the jungles of East Kalimantan, a province of Indonesia. The Borneo subspecies was thought to be extinct in the area, and the WWF-Indonesia states, “the team is delighted to have secured the first known visual evidence of the Sumatran rhino in Kalimantan.” …

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Vietnam WWF: Country Ranks the Worst for Rhino Poaching

Vietnam, according to the WWF, ranks among the worst countries in Asia when it comes to protecting endangered species. The World Wildlife Federation, which is based out of Switzerland, has found that the country is a hot-spot destination for those looking to sell rhino horns trafficked from South Africa. 448 rhinos were killed in 2011 alone, with an additional 262 …

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