NFL Players to Wear RFID for Real-Time Stats Tracking

NFL Players to Wear RFID for Real-Time Stats Tracking

By Josh Wolford July 31, 2014

All you stats lovers out there are going to be pretty happy about this news. The NFL has just announced a partnership with Zebra Technologies that will allow the NFL to capture real-time player stats, for instance acceleration and distances. …

Credit Card Hack Exposes Millions Credit Card Hack Exposes Millions
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In the race to sign up more and more customers, credit card companies have been promoting the idea that it is more convenient and less socially awkward to swipe a credit card than to pull out cash or write a …

Apple Declares War on Sneaker Hackers
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The IPod Nano and Nike TM shoe was a great idea for people to listen to music as they walk, and get information on how much they walked during the time the two systems were synched. Apple has decided to declare war against sneaker hackers, and have a patent to work out if the system of nano and sensor is an “authorized garment”.

Silicon Valley Now Safe From RFID Implants

Thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger, the citizens of California are now safe from mandatory RFID implants.  And their government is now lacking time, money, and ink it could have used to deal with other issues.

RFID Billboards Target Mini Audience

Drivers of the charming little Mini Coopers may be invited to sign up for an interactive billboard promotion called Motorby, where RFID equipped keyfobs will change the message as these drivers approach the billboard.

How To Solve Supply Chain Related Issues

Businesses whose operations rely on supply chains have to manage inventories of a large variety of assorted items.

RFID Technology Vulnerable To Malware

RFID tags may become commonplace in the future, but not a lot of people are looking forward to widespread implementation. There was already concern that these “smart barcodes” would allow consumers’ habits to be more easily tracked, and that the technology could facilitate identity theft. It turns out that RFID tags can transmit computer viruses, as well.

Surgically Implanted RFID

I saw this on the news tonight. This guy, Benjamin Thompson, has an RFID chip implanted in his hand.

Cisco To Launch new RFID Solution

Cisco announced what it refers to as an Intelligent Foundation for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to help enterprises introduce RF technologies into the supply chain.

Sun Fires Salvo At Microsoft, IBM RFID Initiatives

Sun recently announced a new version of its Java-based software, RFID ME, for RFID readers.

Microsoft, BT Go Item-Level With RFID Tagging

The software company and the telecom firm will be working together to provided radio frequency ID as a managed service to the retail sector.

Big Blue, Little Chips, And An Empty Store Shelf

IBM makes more progress with RFID, and explains how the tiny technology will mean you’ll never suffer the horror of an empty soda shelf at the grocery.

Microsoft Building RFID Infrastructure

The company discussed the use of the .NET Framework, SQL Server, and Visual Studio .NET to enable effective RFID deployment.

Exxon Mobile SpeedPass Hack via RFID

Tired of paying for gas … Are you a geek with a laptop, knowledge of the Texas Instruments RFID spec and live near an Exxon Mobile gas station equipped with SpeedPass …

RFID: Ready For Industry Deployment or Rosy Fantasy In Disguise

Judging by the amount of ink, either real or virtual, that has been used to write about RFID you would think it is the most widespread, the most useful, the most all-curing logistics remedy that can be found – the business-technology version of patent medicine. One carnival barker after another proclaims its many wondrous benefits wrapped in snappy high-tech verbiage.

HP and BearingPoint Launch RFID Solution

HP and BearingPoint launched a collaborative radio frequency identification technology (RFID) solution set for the retail industry.

HP and OATSystems Release RFID Solution

HP and OATSystems released a radio frequency identification (RFID) solution for companies implementing RFID and requiring continued support to effectively track the movement of goods in real time.