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Bungie to Reveal Destiny on February 17

Ever since Halo Reach was released in 2010, fans of developer Bungie have been waiting patiently for the next major release from the company. Today, Bungie has finally begun to talk about its new project, Destiny. From the announcement at …

The Last of Us, Diablo III & More VGA Game Reveal Trailers The Last of Us, Diablo III & More VGA Game Reveal Trailers
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The VGA’s are seen as a pariah among many in the gaming community, rightfully so in many circumstances. There’s a lot of forced humor, and celebrity appearances from people who seem to really know nothing about the games they’re talking …

A Summary Of Twittergate

So here we are a day after Twittergate broke and what is the result? Not much really. Everyone is talking about it in some way or another. Was it lax security at Twitter? Was it a security issue with Google Apps? Did TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington go too far? What are the ethical implications of obtaining documents illegally then using them to advance your own cause? Will the new show that Twitter develops for TV be called “Twitter Legal”?

Private Twitter Documents To Be Revealed

While this may fall into the “too early to tell” category it certainly is of interest, especially considering the pace of Internet ‘news’ these days. TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington has had a ‘gift’ fall into his lap and a lot of folks are interested to see if he is going to share with the rest of the world.