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Twitter Changes the Update Button to “Tweet”

When Twitter users go to post a new tweet, they have in the past used a button that says "update" (at least from…that varies when you get into all the different apps Twitter users use). Now, that button says "Tweet".

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Content Can Now Go Viral More Easily with Facebook

Over the past year or so, Facebook has made a number of moves, which bring more Twitter-like functionality to the social network. Some question why Facebook would want to become more like Twitter given that it is much more dominant in the social media space, but Facebook sees the growing-popularity of Twitter, and likely wants to make sure it offers everything users want, to keep them around for the long haul.

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What’s Not to Like About Twitter’s New Retweet Feature?

Twitter is of course in the process of rolling out a new retweet feature. The feature adds a retweet button to each tweet on your timeline, much like the "reply" button that has always been there. However, one distinct difference between these two buttons is that where the reply button fills out your form with the proper information ("@username"), the retweet button sends the initial tweet to your followers’ timelines without giving you your own tweet.

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Twitter Continues Beta Testing of Retweet Feature

Update 3: Twitter is now telling me that I am part of a beta test group for the retweet features, so I guess it is no longer on hold.

New Retweet feature

Those who are part of the test get the following message:

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An Equation for Getting More Traffic from Twitter

Back in June, Hubspot shared data, which indicated that about one and a half percent of all tweets were retweets. I’d be surprised if that number hasn’t increased in the last few months. More people are adopting Twitter and becoming familiar with the Twitter culture. More tools have come out, which cater to the easy re-tweet. More sites have adopted retweet buttons, such as the one from Tweetmeme. I seriously doubt people are retweeting less.

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More to Retweeting Than Meets the Eye for Businesses?

Retweeting is a phenomenon that has taken the Twitter world by storm. The concept began when somebody added the letters "RT" to somebody else’s tweet and posted it as their own. The idea caught on on a massive scale, and now there are services that utilize retweeting as the backdrop of their entire purposes. "Some of Twitter’s best features are emergent—people inventing simple but creative ways to share, discover, and communicate.

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TweetMeme Bringing Analytics to the Retweet Table

TweetMeme didn’t take the launch of lightly. As the new entity comes in to step right on their toes, TweetMeme points to some solid numbers, a list of differentiating features, and announces an upcoming analytics package.

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RT: Retweet Competition to Follow URL-Shortening Craze

Update: is now live.

Original Article: First Twitter ignited the URL-shortening service fire, and now a similar phenomenon appears to be happening with "retweeting" services. is reportedly set to launch today.

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Twitter Finally Giving Users Retweet Feature

Twitter announced that it intends to add a retweet option to its service as well as the API. Retweeting has basically become a huge part of the Twitter culture, but it is not a function that is readily available on Twitter itself.

Users have to actually take the time and to enter the information themselves. Co-founder Biz Stone acknowledges that this can be "cumbersome". Twitter is calling the initiative "project retweet." Stone explains on the Twitter Blog:

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