After Christmas Sales – Before Christmas?

After Christmas Sales – Before Christmas?

By Tina Volpe December 24, 2013 | 1 Comment

When retailers start offering before Christmas sales before the actual holiday, you have to question – what is up? Retailers have Black Friday– the most insane shopping day of the entire year – and all of those weeks in between …

HMV to Close 66 Stores, Lay Off Over 900 Employees HMV to Close 66 Stores, Lay Off Over 900 Employees

Last month, U.K. electronics retailer HMV entered administration. Employees and customers were left wondering whether the business would be shutting down. Today, Deloitte, the firm hired to oversee HMV’s administration, announced that 66 HMV stores will be closing throughout the …

Blockbuster Closing 300 More Stores in the U.S. Blockbuster Closing 300 More Stores in the U.S.

As media consumption shifts to streaming and downloaded products, retailers of physical entertainment media are being forced to change rapidly or die ignoble deaths. At the same time that Blockbuster U.K. has entered administration (bankruptcy) and announced 160 of its …

Blockbuster U.K. to Close 160 Stores, More Closings Possible Blockbuster U.K. to Close 160 Stores, More Closings Possible
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Last week Blockbuster U.K. announced that it would be entering administration and begin looking for a buyer for its 528 stores across the U.K. Today, the real process of closing up shop has started and store closings have been announced. …

Blockbuster U.K. Enters Administration Blockbuster U.K. Enters Administration

Coming just one day after U.K. electronics retailer HMV announced it would seek administration, auditing firm Deloitte has announced that it has been commissioned to administrate Blockbuster U.K. Deloitte was also mentioned as a possible administrator for HMV. Deloitte claims …

HMV Closing?  Electronics Retailer Enters Administration HMV Closing? Electronics Retailer Enters Administration

HMV, the British entertainment retailer, has announced that its discussions with creditors have come to an end and the company will enter administration. Trading of HMV stock has been suspended on the London Stock Exchange. Deloitte partners Nick, Edwards, Neville …

iPhone 5 Rumor: More Release Date Evidence iPhone 5 Rumor: More Release Date Evidence

Over the weekend, a few reports popped up that all seem to suggest one thing: The iPhone 5 launch is around the corner. Of course, as it’s customary to remind everyone, rumors are rumors, which is why they’re called rumors. …

Big Retailers Took $792 Million for Sharing Credit Card Numbers

A U.S. Senate report has revealed that retailers (a number of which you may already know and trust), have accepted as much as $792 million to share customers’ credit-card information with direct marketing companies. Could your card number have been one that was shared? Would you have known?

Retailers Increase Paid Search Spend

Multi-channel retailers increased their U.S. paid search spend in Q4 08 by 12 percent compared to Q4 07.

Consumers continued to convert online at a steady rate, although they spent 10 percent less on average per transaction compared with the prior year, according to a report from SearchIgnite.

Online Presence Vital For Offline Retail
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The Internet plays an increasingly essential role in retail for brick and mortar retailers, even for purchases made in-store according to a new survey from Nielsen Online.

People who had recently made consumer electronics purchases in a brick and mortar store, 80 percent bought from a store whose Web site they visited first. In addition 53 percent purchased from a retailer on whose Web site they had spent the most time.

DMA: Two-Fifths Of Retailers Don’t Have Solid Stores

It’s hard to know how the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) didn’t guess what it was getting into; contacting retailers isn’t the same as talking to random people on the street.  Still, a new study from the DMA revealed the interesting fact that 41 percent of its survey’s respondents don’t have brick-and-mortar stores.