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Here’s One Last Resogun Trailer Before Its Launch

The PS4 review embargo lifted this morning, and Resogun stands tall as the highest rated PS4 launch game. It appears to be the Geometry Wars of this generation, and it will likely remain one of the most popular titles on the system thanks to it being free for PlayStation Plus members. Now, you may be unreasonably excited for Resogun and …

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Resogun Just Might Be The Geometry Wars Of The Next Generation

When the Xbox 360 first launched, everybody had to get Geometry Wars. The simple twin-stick shooter from Bizarre Creations was addictive, challenging and looked better on an HD screen than pretty much anything else at the time. Sony and Housemarque responded to Geometry Wars with Super Stardust HD on the PS3, but it’s next title for the PS4 may be …

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