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Google Shares its “Hybrid” Approach to Research Google Shares its “Hybrid” Approach to Research

Research has been a part of Google since its beginnings, and many of its products could even have been considered experimental when they were launched. Today Alfred Spector, vice president of research and special initiatives at Google, took to the …

US Navy Uses Technology To Improve Underwater Solar Collection

The capture and use of solar energy has never been about getting away from fossil fuels as much as it has been about harvesting that ever burning nuclear reactor we call the Sun. The problem we have always faced is …

Obama Says No Google Or Facebook Without Govt.

President Barack Obama is in full campaign mode. The one thing that he will preach to his supporters is that the Republicans are trying to gut the government. He said that under the Republican budget “the government is shrunk to …

Google To Open R&D Center In Shanghai
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Fresh news on Google’s international front: the search engine giant is preparing to open a research and development center in Shanghai, China later this month.

Google Researches China
Google Researches China
Google Invests In Israeli R&D Center

Google, as we know it, is pretty much an American corporation.  You hear things from Google India, and some pieces of news will originate in Google Australia, but otherwise, it’s pretty quiet out there.  Now things have picked up in one very calm corner of the world – Google is adding a second research and development center in Israel.