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Eric Cantor Defeated in Surprise Primary Landslide

House majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his Republican primary election Tuesday night. Instead of once again running for Virginia’s 7th congressional district this fall, Cantor’s challenger, David Brat, will be on the ballot. Cantor is now the first House Majority Leader to lose his party’s primary. The loss came as a surprise to almost everyone. Pollsters and political observers had …

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GOP Candidates’ Official Websites Pretty Hackable

Now that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney appears to be (finally) pulling away from his tenacious opponents, it’s expected that election news will slowly pivot towards this fall’s general election. As the country moves into that leg of the race, you can expect that much will be discussed and debated regarding the issue of national security. An aspect of this …

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Follow Super Tuesday Results With Google’s New Interactive Election Map

With the Republican National Convention still over five months away, today could prove to be the most pivotal moment yet for the Republican presidential candidates vying for their party’s nomination. Super Tuesday, as you’ve no doubt heard the punditry refer to today’s primaries, represents the biggest piñata of delegates so far in the party’s primary race. Many pots will be …

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Romney Has A Santorum Problem (With Search Engines)

You can’t bottle lightning, but you can at least flick the lights on and off really quickly to create a similar albeit campier effect. That seems to be what’s happening with online activists/pranksters trying to duplicate the magnificent hex Dan Savage cast upon Rick Santorum when he codified “Santorum” to mean something other than some guy’s surname, except the new …

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Rick Perry Tweets He’s Continuing His Campaign

After telling supporters at the Iowa Caucus last night that he was going home to Texas to “reassess” his campaign, Texas Governor Rick Perry is apparently going to stay in the race after all. This morning, he tweeted the following message from his personal account to his 113,000 followers: (image)@GovernorPerryRick PerryAnd the next leg of the marathon is the Palmetto …

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