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Facebook Is Testing Its Reply to Comments Feature on Personal Profiles

UPDATED WITH COMMENT FROM FACEBOOK Facebook appears to be rolling out its reply to comment feature site wide, allowing users to start threaded comments on personal profiles’ posts. For two years, this feature has only been available for pages with 10,000+ likes. The option to reply to comments only appears on statuses and photos posted directly to Facebook. Cross-posted content, …

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Facebook Introduces New APIs For Comment Replies

In late March, Facebook launched a new commenting system for Pages that allows users to reply to comments. The new system is on an opt-in basis for now, and Facebook has a few API tips to keep in mind if you decide to take your Page into this new territory. Facebook announced that its comments API now supports “different “views” …

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Facebook’s Threaded and Reorganized Comments Go Live for Pages on an Opt-in Basis

As expected, Facebook has just rolled out their new Replies feature for Pages. Starting today, you can choose to turn on Replies for your page. The new feature changes the way post comments are shown and organized, and it allows users to reply directly to other comments on the post, creating comment threads. “Today, we’re improving the quality of conversations …

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Facebook’s Threaded and Reorganized Comments Rolling Out Next Week

Back in November of 2012, Facebook began testing a new commenting format for page posts. The new system added comments threads, allowing users to reply to specific comments, and also implemented a new ranking algorithm that sorts comments by their popularity. Now, that feature is about to go live. Facebook tells TechCrunch that the new threaded comments will rollout on …

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Facebook Tests New Comment Threads and Ranking for Page Posts

Yo dawg, I heard you like comments… Facebook is currently testing a redesign of its commenting system for Page posts that will allow users to reply to specific comments and will also sort them based on an algorithm. Some pages are now seeing threaded comments under their posts, which give users the ability to create their own little mini-conversations within …

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Twitter Cuts Out Replies From Verified Accounts’ Timelines

One of the most endearing qualities a celebrity, brand, or otherwise verified Twitter account can have is user engagement. Sure, it’s interesting to follow them for the humor, the information, or the insight into their day-to-day lives. But if Twitter account is enough of a BFD to be verified, and they still take the time to respond to the little …

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