Yahoo: Dominate Search Results Like Matt Cutts

Yahoo: Dominate Search Results Like Matt Cutts

By Chris Crum April 8, 2010 | 4 Comments

Yahoo is posting a series of "how-to" articles for social media on the company’s advertising blog. Interestingly enough, the subject of the latest edition is "How to Dominate Search Results Through Social Media Sites," and the example Yahoo’s Laura Lippay points to as how to do it is Matt Cutts, who of course works for Yahoo’s chief rival, Google.

Relevance in Marketing

Good marketing comes in two forms, not one.  There is marketing that is relevant, appears at the right time to the right people and is likely to influence actions.  This is the kind of marketing that everyone in the industry strives for.  It’s what we think is good. 

Why Branding Matters in B2B Marketing

Strewn around my house are pens, coffee cups, calculators, USB memory sticks, and assorted swag from various companies I’ve met over the years. What is the purpose of all this stuff? Does having a leather portfolio with a vendor’s logo on it make me more likely to buy their products?

Blog Search Engine Sphere Launches

Hyped-up blog search engine Sphere launched a number of minutes ago, and already there is some discussion on it.

Search Relevance is Dead!

I’ve been saying for a long time that the race for “relevance” among search engines is over.

Yahoo Ending Competitor Trademark Bids

As of March 1st, Yahoo Search Marketing will change its policy regarding bids for trademarks by competitive advertisers.

Yahoo Yields Search Game To Google

Yahoo has admitted to something thousands of search engine users already know: it’s not going to beat Google at search dominance. Game. Set. Match. Google. The best way to read the Bloomberg report on Yahoo’s fall from the search game would be with a glass of champagne and a dish of strawberries and cream, Wimbledon style.

AdSense Relevance In Blogs Revealed

The continuous battle for relevant ads and the profitable clicks that they can attract on a blog has been a difficult one for the blogger who really needs to see at least a trickle of a revenue stream.

Gates Sees MSN Passing Google In Relevance

Delivering relevant search results was the cornerstone upon which Google built its search advertising fortunes, but Bill Gates sees a new model for search relevance arriving with the MSN brand emblazoned on it.

Take The Search Engine Relevance Test

An online blind test of Google, Yahoo, and MSN lets users discover which search engine is truly relevant to their queries; the results could be surprising.

Digg Could Revolutionize Search Relevance

Users of Digg.com know how effective the process for promoting stories by votes or “diggs” has become; imagine if Digg was the way to get into a new search index with a Google-like algorithm to deliver results from it.

Blogs and SEO: Theme Relevance
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Blogs provide search engine optimization (SEO) power by their very design. The blog strength lies in keyword rich content and in the abundance of inbound links.

MSN Search Relevance Roiling Microsoft

Microsoft asked Keynote Systems not to make a survey of search engine users available to the public.

Search Engine Maven Calls For Relevance

Danny Sullivan again says Google and Yahoo need to dispense with the whole index size issue.

Yahoo Announces Winners Of Y!Q Contest

Recently, Yahoo launched the Y!Q contest to see who could make the best use of this service though integrating it onto their web site. Well, the contest has officially closed and Yahoo has announced the winners.

Relevance of Relevant Content

Search engines actively and regularly seek new content. As more and more search engine algorithms evolve into complex, human-centric logics, they seek content that is relevant to the search conducted by the surfer. They also want to present freshly updated content to their users. Google sends out its ‘freshbot’ spider to gather and index new material from all the sites which offer it.

MSN Search Increases Relevance Focus
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What good is a search engine if the results it provides aren’t relevant to the query being performed? The answer? Not much. The largest search index in the world doesn’t amount to much if you don’t have an algorithm that can successfully provide results related to the question being posed.