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Jabberbox Facebook Page Taken Down Jabberbox Facebook Page Taken Down
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Jabberbox Designs, makers of the Jawbox case for Bluetooth headsets, recently announced that its Facebook fan page was recently taken offline. Jabberbox says that Facebook cited a copyright infringement complaint. According to Facebook’s help page on the subject, their policy …

Attorney General Sues A Washington SEO Firm

An attorney general is suing a Redmond-based e-commerce service providing company, which had faltered on its promises of bringing up Web Traffic for a number of small businesses, driving many customers to file complaints.

Attorney General Rob McKenna reportedly stated that, “When it comes to Internet search results, every small business wants to pull a high ranking. Merchants hoping to increase their online sales paid thousands of dollars to Visible.net and Captures.com but didn’t always receive the top listings and other services they were promised.”