Google Calls Out Sites In Mobile Results For ‘Faulty Redirects’

Google Calls Out Sites In Mobile Results For ‘Faulty Redirects’

By Chris Crum June 5, 2014

Google is calling out webistes with “faulty redirects” in mobile search results to save users from having to deal with the “common annoyance” of tapping a search result only to be redirected to a site’s mobile homepage. This occurs when …

AOL Needs To Shine Its Shoes

This article will be part tutorial, part sweating the small stuff. The tutorial is much, much shorter and more basic than the rest, so we’ll get to it first. AOL needs to hear it.

Map Those URL Redirects To Profit

There are right ways to do URL redirection that will make a big difference in one’s site performance, as shown in a recent case study about a plumbing website that made their URLs more readable.

301 Redirects Resolve in 2 Weeks in Google

A thread over in the Google Webmaster Groups talks about the Google Sandbox, and about 301 redirects. In this thread, Adam Lasnik jumps in and sets some expectations on the handling of 301 redirects, and also does some myth breaking. Here is what Adam has to say:

301 Redirects Pass Google PageRank In 2 Weeks

Search Engine Roundtable reports that 301 Redirects Pass Google PageRank & Signals in a "Couple Weeks". SEOs and Webmasters have always queried about the time taken for a site to pass along a PageRank value from one URL to another via a 301 redirect.

PubCon: The Duplicate Content Zone

A PubCon session entered a place beyond indexing and search traffic: The Duplicate Content Zone, where websites sometimes go and are never seen again. WebProNews tagged along as the session hosts played the Rod Serling role for the audience.

Yahoo Redirects Webmaster Queries
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Webmasters on the hunt for certain information through Yahoo Search will begin seeing their queries redirected to Site Explorer, which just received a significant update.

Strumpette Sends Unsolicited Email, Then Redirects

I have stayed away from the Strumpette fray. It struck me as a lose-lose proposition.

Dynamic URL Optimization

Recently I fielded a question about making dynamic urls more search engine friendly.

301 Redirects and Domains With and Without WWW
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Man am I sick of this issue. I personally think every website should have a 301 redirect (or something similar in effect) set up so that either the domain with or without the www is the primary. Why? I will tell you!

Google’s Matt Cutts And JavaScript Redirects
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There are a number of different optimization techniques webmasters use to try and improve their search engine rankings, some acceptable (white hat SEO), some not (black hat SEO).

Turn Harmful 404 Error Pages Into Helpful 301 Redirects
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It’s a fact, Page Not Found, known as a 404 error, can harm your website Ranking with Search Engines as well as being a Turn-Off for Visitors.

301 Redirects Aren’t Always The Answer

One of the more popular questions asked on SEO-related forums as do with the use of 301 redirects and duplicate content. When people pose questions about duplicate content because of domain naming reasons, one of the first things suggested is using a 301 redirect to avoid being penalized.

301 Redirects and Search Engine Optimization

There are multiple reasons to redirect URLs. For one, your web pages may have moved but their old URLs may still live in users’ bookmarks or in search engine indexes. Without implementing some sort or redirection, that traffic would be lost to a 404 Error Page.

Multiple Domains and 301 Redirects
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A common area of misunderstanding and confusion within search optimization has to do with how and when one should use a redirection document. If you’ve moved a site to a new domain and you want your normal traffic to follow, a 301 permanent redirect needs to be employed. However, there are other occasions, also involving domain-based issues, when 301’s should be utilized.

Yahoo Busting Up 301 Redirects

Barry Schwarz of SEORoundTable (and now moderator of the SearchEngineWatch forums – congrats!) brought to my attention the troubles webmasters have had with 301 redirects in Yahoo. Yahoo SiteMatch reps even recommended creating doorway pages rather than using 301 redirects, and I’ve read that they will treat 301s as duplicate content.