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YouTube Rolls Out New Channels Design

Update: YouTube has made an official blog post saying they’re ready to start rolling out the new channels design. Here’s a new video about the redesign.

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Google Announces Logo Changes

No, Google is not changing the Google logo itself, but a number of the company’s products will be presented with slightly different logos, which all reflect one unified look and feel.

Google is in the process of rolling out these changes. So far, you can see the changes at Google Labs, Google Moderator, and Google Code. Look for new logos at Google Maps, Google News, and Google Docs soon.

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Google Launches Google News Redesign

Google has given Google News a bit of a makeover today. Some areas, particularly the section pages have gotten a lot more visual flare.

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Twellow Gets a Makeover

Twellow has undergone a big redesign, and now has a cleaner look with a convenient tabbed browsing format.

If you are unfamiliar with Twellow, think about it as a yellow-pages service for finding people on Twitter.  You can search for things or browse the directory to find people who tweet about the topics you are interested in. This is a WebProNews service.

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YouTube to Get More Hulu-ish?

Last week, YouTube made some changes to its home page, by altering the names of some video sections. YouTube Product Marketing Manager Curtis Lee said there were more changes coming soon, but did not elaborate on this.

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LinkedIn Does Some Redesigning of Its Own

Facebook is not the only social network doing some redesigning. LinkedIn has made some changes to users’ inboxes on the homepage.

These changes are certainly not as drastic as Facebook’s which have the community in an uproar. I might be wrong, but I don’t expect much of a backlash here. The inbox now only appears on your home page when you have unread messages (though your inbox and read messages will always be available from the left-hand navigation bar).

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LinkedIn Looks to the Community for Improvement

LinkedIn has been making efforts to improve its users’ search experience. Recently, Senior Product Manager Esteban Kozak walked us through a number of new changes they made in this post as well as the following video.

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Twitter Redesign a Placeholder for Functionality

There’s been a lot of redesign talk lately among big names, most notably Facebook and Yahoo!. Twitter announced today that it was rolling out a new design. This design turns out to be pretty much all about aesthetics rather than improved user experience.

Don’t worry. If you think the design is missing some things that you would like to see added, Twitter is accepting feedback, and had this to say:

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