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Curiosity Rover Celebrates First Year on Mars

NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover touched down on the Red Planet in August 2012, nearly two years ago. However, today marks the one year Martian anniversary of the rover’s presence on Mars, a feat many thought would never been seen. Mars, being further away from the sun than Earth, takes 687 days for one revolution to occur, meaning that a year …

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India Mars Mission Under Way, Despite Odds

India seeks to join the United States and the former Soviet Union in a singular space exploration achievement: sending an unmanned probe to Mars successfully. India’s space agency (ISRO) hopes to demonstrate their nation’s capacity to reach the orbit of the Red Planet and carry out some experiments of their own. The 300-day journey is successful less than half of …

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Mars Has No Methane, Reports Curiosity Rover

Based on recent reports sent back by the Curiosity rover on Mars, scientists have come to the conclusion that Mars most certainly does not have any martian cows, or any other organic organisms for that matter. The Curiosity rover landed on Mars in October of 2012, and from then until June made 6 different analyses of the atmosphere. The goal …

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Robot Snakes May Soon be Sent to Mars

The Mars Curiosity Rover has been on Mars for a little over one year now, and much has been learned during this time. One of the main things that has been learned is that maneuvering on the rocky, red planet is rough. NASA has previously lost one Mars rover, Spirit, because it got stuck in the sand. Norway’s SINTEF Research …

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