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AgLocal Rep Rides Reddit’s Internet 2012 Tour Bus

Judging by the Internet 2012 Bus Tour panel discussion held yesterday in Lexington, Kentucky, everyone on the tour bus believes an open internet can change just about every type of business. Robert Roderick, head of product technology for AgLocal, spoke with WebProNews about how AgLocal is hoping to change meat industry over the next few years. AgLocal is a technology …

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3D Printed Meat Just Got Backing From PayPal Founder

Everybody loves a good hamburger. Part of the reason for that is that its a safe food. We all know where it comes from and how it was made. It’s hard to screw up a hamburger beyond undercooking it. Would you still eat a hamburger if it was made by a 3D printer? PayPal founder Peter Thiel thinks that 3D …

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The Dangers of Red Meat & Pink Slime [Infographic]

Its pretty well known that red meat is bad for you. But with “pink slime” making headlines lately, people are more aware of the dangers and pitfalls of red meat more than ever. Even though a lot of major corporations have agreed to do away with pink slime, it is still around in things like school lunches and dog food. …

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Eating Red Meat Will Buy You a Ticket to an Earlier Grave

A longitudinal study (22 years) from Harvard, Red Meat Consumption and Mortality, indicates that consuming red meat is associated with an increased likelihood of dying prematurely. Researchers are encouraging people to substitute other healthy protein sources for red meat. But what is the 4th of July without a nice juicy cheeseburger? How can we give up those mouth-watering medium-rare Delmonico …

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