Google Puts Real-Time Tweets in Mobile Search Results

Google Puts Real-Time Tweets in Mobile Search Results

By Josh Wolford May 19, 2015

Earlier this year, Google and Twitter made nice and struck a deal to bring more tweets to Google search results. Today, the fruits of said deal are going live on mobile. Of course, it’s not as if you couldn’t surface …

Collecta Offers Up Real-Time Stream API

Real-time search provider Collecta has released a new API program. "Starting today, developers can plug into Collecta’s network for free," a representative for the company tells WebProNews. "In light of the recent Tweetie acquisition, we believe that taking advantage of Collecta’s Twitter-compatible, 15+M source real-time network can give developers a real competitive edge."

If Google Indexing Goes Real-Time, What Will it Mean for Ranking?

Last year, we saw the emergence of the technology PubSubHubbub, which provides real-time notifications to subscribers of content when there is new content or updates being made. There has recently been talk about Google developing a system that would use this technology it its indexing process.

Do you want your content indexed instantly? Share your thoughts.

YouTube Pulls Plug on YouTube RealTime

Update: YouTube has decided to pull the plug on the RealTime feature. The company wrote in the Help Forum:

We’ve seen some of you wondering what occurred to the Realtime Toolbar. The Realtime Toolbar was recently retired and is no longer an available feature on YouTube.

Big Changes on the Horizon for Digg

Digg Founder Kevin Rose did an interview with The UK’s Telegraph, and revealed that Digg has some big and "drastic" plans for redesigning the Digg experience. A couple of quotes from the piece:

Tips for Getting Found in Real-Time Searches

Update: Now the game is really on with Google rolling out real-time search results into regular search results pages.

Original Article: Real-time search is still an emerging concept. At this point, using a real-time search engine will bring you results by time/date. This doesn’t always cater to relevancy, which is why there is still a lot of work to be done in this field.

Google Gets a New Real-Time Infrastructure for Display Ads

Google just announced that it is acquiring Teracent, a provider of "intelligent dynamic display advertising." The company considers itself a pioneer in dynamic ad serving and optimization solutions. Google appears to agree.

Digg to Get All Twitter This Year?

Update: Kevin Rose is now saying that his WeFollow Twitter directory will now be "more closely linked" with Digg as they "experiment with user influence as it applies to the Twitter universe." In a company blog post, he writes:

TypePad Gets Real-Time Blog Updates

Today Six Apart, the makers of TypePad, released a new TypePad PubSubHubub hub, which automatically promotes blog updates in real time. It’s a free feature for bloggers who use TypePad, and it automatically updates Google Reader, FriendFeed, SuperFeedr, and LiveDoor.

TwitVid Delivers First Twitter Video Upload App for Blackberry
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TwitVid has just released what it calls "the first Twitter Video uploading application for the Blackberry." Blackberry-using Twitterers with a love for sharing video can now rejoice.

Mimic the Inauguration with New Facebook Offering
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Facebook launched the Live Stream Box today, which is a feature that lets website owners and developers enable Facebook users to connect, share, and post updates in real-time as they witness events online. Think CNN’s Facebook integration from the Presidential Inauguration.

Real-Time Site Previews, Faster Search from Yahoo
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Yahoo has introduced a new version of the Yahoo Toolbar today. It runs on Internet Explorer 6+ and Firefox (as a beta).

"The new Yahoo! Toolbar now offers greater customization and more immediate access to the information you care about most from across the entire web – not just Yahoo! sites," says Burke Culligan, Senior Director of Yahoo Front Doors.


Facebook Rolls Out Real-Time Streams
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Facebook has started rolling out real real-time updates today. If you are not seeing them yet, don’t freak out. You’ll get them soon enough.

New Friendfeed Goes Real Time
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Friendfeed has been tinkering with a new real-time design at beta.friendfeed.com. The real-time version allows all pages to update in real-time, so users can see their friends’ photos, messages, comments, and likes as they occur.

Google Finance adds real-time NYSE quotes

Google closely followed its debut of real-time NASDAQ quotes on its Finance site with real-time information from the Big Board itself.