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‘Rambo: The Video Game’ Coming to Europe in February

As bad as the new Rambo video game looks, Reef Entertainment has certainly been proactive in promoting it. The publisher has released numerous trailers for the game, including new gameplay clips showing that it is, in fact, an on-rails shooter with quicktime events thrown in for the “stealth” moments. Today Reef announced that the official release date for Rambo: The …

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That “Rambo” Rail Shooter Gets Yet Another Trailer

Back in July of 2013, Reef Entertainment announced Rambo: The Video Game alongside a suitably action-packed reveal trailer. The publisher promised “shoot-outs, stealth killings, demolition, knife-play, and more,” but the game itself looked like it was made for the PlayStation 2. As more videos for the game emerged, it became clear that Rambo is an on-rails shooter (think Time Crisis …

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Rambo: The Video Game Gets Another Trailer

It would have been easy to forget that Rambo: The Video Game was unveiled back in July. The game’s first trailer was met with scorn for its dated visuals and lack of gameplay. In the months since then gamers have been treated to plenty next-gen game footage that makes Rambo seem like a joke. However, the game is still alive …

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Rambo: The Video Game Looks A Little Dated

In the video game industry, striking while the iron is hot is nowhere near as important as the strike being one of quality. Don’t tell that to those who oversee the Call of Duty franchise, mind you. With that in mind, the idea of video game dedicated to the violent undertakings of John Rambo is fertile ground waiting to be …

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