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Mudslide Death Toll In Washington Rises To 37

The March 22 mudslide that happened in the Cascade foothills of Washington state continues to devastate. After a heavy rain, the hillside collapsed above Stillaguamish River. It has recently been reported that the official death count has risen to 37 after search representatives located another person amidst the mud and debris. Tragically, nobody has been pulled alive from the rubble …

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Killer Thanksgiving Storm Isis Threatens Travel

The western side of the United States is dealing with an intense storm by the name of Isis, and the southern and eastern parts of the country are sure to have their turn with it soon. According to the Associated Press, the icy storm with the worst possible timing is already responsible for at least eight deaths and hundreds of …

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Western Winter Storm Extends to Texas, Heads East

A deadly winter storm system that began in Southern California has extended to Texas and Oklahoma after sweeping through Arizona and New Mexico late last week. The rain set records in parts of Arizona. The 1.60 inches that fell on Phoenix made Friday the city’s second wettest November day since 1895. Near Amarillo, the storm wrecked havoc on the roads, …

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Rain Gets A Beautiful Launch Trailer

Sony Japan Studio captured the hearts of thousands earlier this month with the delightful Puppeteer. Now Sony’s Japan Studio is at it again with a title that may just be the most beautiful game of the year. Sony released the launch trailer for rain today – a title that promises to be every bit as impactful as Ico was over …

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Here’s A Look At The Music Of Rain

Music is an incredibly important of any gaming experience. Just look at DuckTales Remastered, and you’ll see a basic platformer elevated to the status of a golden god thanks to its soundtrack. If you find yourself interested in the music of games, you’ll definitely want to check out Sony Japan’s rain. In the latest dev diary for rain, Sony Japan …

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Sony Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of Rain

Last year, Sony announced two new original titles from its Japanese development studios. The first was Puppeteer – a platformer featuring a small boy that has been turned into a puppet. The other was rain – an interesting puzzle/platformer game that features an invisible boy that can only be seen when he’s being rained upon. Puppeteer has received plenty of …

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