Google Bans Dirty Words from What Do You Love

Google Bans Dirty Words from What Do You Love

By Chris Richardson July 29, 2011 | 5 Comments

You may be a person that loves breasts or sex or foul language, but there’s a good bet you won’t find any of that on Google’s “What Do You Love” search engine experiment. Thanks to a list that’s making its …

Basic Keyword Strategy & Tips

Keyword Research Tips

Brand Keywords Create Sustainable Profit Margin
The Microsoft AdCenter blog posted that 35% of top search queries are brand related:

Search Share Same As It Ever Was

August figures for search engine share as recorded by Compete found Google with two-thirds of queries made during the month.

FTC Sets Dates For Behavioral Town Hall

Google and DoubleClick better keep the calendars of some of their people clear for November 1st and 2nd, as the Federal Trade Commission followed through on its promise to schedule meetings about behavioral targeting.

Almost Half of Search Queries Are Repeats
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Forty percent of all search queries are repeat queries from users trying to find information they have found before, according to a new study. But if there has been a change in search result rankings since the last time the query was entered, it significantly hinders the searcher from re-finding the information they seek.

Microsoft Joins Ask In Call For Privacy
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Search engines have faced mounting scrutiny over their data retention and privacy practices, and Microsoft and Ask likely wish to head off potential increases in federal scrutiny.

Expect Google Webmaster Tools Makeover
The official Google Webmaster Central Blog says within 6 weeks, an overall overhauled Webmaster central – both its Content and Organization will be unveiled.

McAfee On Search Engine Safety

The safety risk to search engine users declined by about one percentage point according to a study from McAfee, "The State of Search Engine Safety." Sites that offer adware, spyware, viruses and exploits are considered risky.

Speaker Pelosi Queries Yahoo Answers
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Yahoo’s efforts at heightening awareness of global warming has drawn a question from a very high-profile person for the Yahoo Answers audience.

Target Bloggers & Mainstream Media w/ Search Queries
Just how one does market research to see how competitive a marketplace is, you can also do market research to view how important some ideas have been historically.

Google Pulls Imus Related Keywords?
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It hasn’t been a good week for long-time shock jock Don Imus. After his controversial comments about the Rutgers women’s basketball team, his Imus in the Morning radio show was quickly dumped by both MSNBC and CBS. The events surrounding the scandal have had an interesting impact on the search world as well.

Prior to CBS axing the Imus program, several major sponsors pulled their advertising from the show, which no doubt was a major factor in the network’s decision to pull it from the airwaves.

Advanced Queries Shut Down by Microsoft Live Search

A lot of search marketers recently noticed that the “link:” command isn’t working at Microsoft’s Windows Live search. Well, it’s not a glitch, but a deliberate shutdown by MSFT

Pet Food Scare Sends Searchers Chasing Answers
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When news of a major pet food recall got out, pet owners hit the search engines over the weekend worried about their furry best friends.

One dog, nine cats. That’s the death toll so far in a mysterious outbreak of kidney failure linked to Menu Foods, Inc.’s various pet foods distributed by well-known grocers like Kroger, Safeway, Wal-Mart, and PetSmart.

Uncommon Uses – SMS Based Interfaces

Beyond voice, probably the simplest and most ubiquitous technology on the mobile phone is text (SMS), North America has been a bit of a laggard adopting this technology but in the last year or so has really started to use text.

I think the voting on American Idol might have been one part of the tipping point for texting in the US. I’ve certainly seen a rise in the amount of people using text, but being in San Francisco my experience may not be mainstream. Here’s some interesting text interfaces:

2006’s Most Questionable Search Queries

Lists of popular search terms are so interesting because they provide a window into what’s on the collective minds of the collective culture. The most insightful looks into that collective, I think, are the questions the society asks. Our society wants to know about sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

Removing The Technorati Greasemonkey Script
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In response to my previous post about unlimited API queries, I was urged by David Sifry, CEO of Technorati, to contact the Technorati developers and work out a way to get my script working through the API.