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The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze: The Best Use of Pumpkins You’ll See This Halloween

The reinvention of the common Jack O’Lantern was kicked into overdrive with the explosion of social media. Pictures from people eager to share their stencil-powered carved gourds that pay homage to everything from video games to favorite sports icons. And this is a good thing. Jack O’Lanterns are pretty damn awesome and so is the creativity and craftsmanship involved. However, …

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This Slow-Motion Pumpkin Smashing Video Ups the Ante, Considerably

Smashing pumpkins is fun. Smashing pumpkins in creative ways is more fun. Smashing pumpkins in creative ways in slow-motion is the most fun. This short comes just in time for Halloween, from director Ross Ching for The Thrash Lab. Earlier this month he had a viral hit with this popsicle stick bomb video, shot at 1000 FPS. Check out the …

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Pumpkin Carving Embraces The Future With PunkinBot

I love carving pumpkins for halloween. There’s something timeless about carving a silly grin, or an awe-inspiring Predator face, into a pumpkin. The only problem is that its time consuming and rather messy for relatively little pay off. It’s about time we drag pumpkin carving into the future. Brian, Eric and Alex VanDiepenbos must have had the exact same thoughts …

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