Apple Education Pricing For New Macs – Plus $100 iTunes Card

Apple Education Pricing For New Macs – Plus $100 iTunes Card

By Chris Gabbard June 12, 2012

Apple’s 2012 Back to School promotion also began with yesterday’s launch of new Macs. College students and others that qualify will now get a $100 iTunes gift card with a Mac purchase. Those getting an iPad will get a $50 …

11 Ways to Promote Infographics 11 Ways to Promote Infographics

Infographics are a hit with online marketers this year and as more companies hire designers to artfully represent data in creative and engaging ways, many fall short when it comes to infographic promotion. It’s the old “great content will attract …

The Most Loyal Traffic Comes from Facebook

There’s no question that search engines can be a tremendous source of traffic. Social networks are also proving to be big traffic generators for a lot of content producers, and Twitter is one of the big ones.

However, it is Facebook and Digg that are driving the most repeat readers according to a study conducted by online ad network Chitika. Traffic is great, but traffic that returns is even better.

An Equation for Getting More Traffic from Twitter

Back in June, Hubspot shared data, which indicated that about one and a half percent of all tweets were retweets. I’d be surprised if that number hasn’t increased in the last few months. More people are adopting Twitter and becoming familiar with the Twitter culture. More tools have come out, which cater to the easy re-tweet. More sites have adopted retweet buttons, such as the one from Tweetmeme. I seriously doubt people are retweeting less.

Today’s Content Relevant to Tomorrow’s Real-Time Searches

We all know that social media is "where it’s at" these days. People are spending more and more of their time on social networking sites. Many are checking their Facebook pages and Twitter accounts before even checking their email (or even getting out of bed in some cases).

More to Retweeting Than Meets the Eye for Businesses?

Retweeting is a phenomenon that has taken the Twitter world by storm. The concept began when somebody added the letters "RT" to somebody else’s tweet and posted it as their own. The idea caught on on a massive scale, and now there are services that utilize retweeting as the backdrop of their entire purposes. "Some of Twitter’s best features are emergent—people inventing simple but creative ways to share, discover, and communicate.

RT: Retweet Competition to Follow URL-Shortening Craze

Update: Retweet.com is now live.

Original Article: First Twitter ignited the URL-shortening service fire, and now a similar phenomenon appears to be happening with "retweeting" services. Retweet.com is reportedly set to launch today.

Trading Diggs for Retweets?

For quite some time, marketers and content producers have been seeking more diggs. While some still seek these (and others are less enthusiastic about Digg due to recent changes), we’re seeing a lot of people looking for "retweeting" of their content on Twitter.

How Corrupt is the Digg Home Page?

DiggA top Digg user with a popular ratio of 34% has been getting paid well for promoting articles on Digg. His/her popularity has allowed numerous stories to reach the Digg Home Page, and when that happens he/she gets paid even more.

A Beginners Guide To Link Building
· 30

Link building is an essential ingredient in ranking your website highly on the major search engines. 

Live Nation Jams With AdBrite

Concert promoter Live Nation partnered with the AdBrite network on its eFan Finder to help the company track the thousands of shows it presents annually.

Get Your Blog Google-Ranked In 30 Days or Less
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Blogs have been around long enough to become standard elements of the web landscape. They’re easy to construct and manage, they create fresh, user-generated content and, if well-executed, blogs draw crowds and the attention of search engines.

Whether starting out with a new domain name, or a domain that’s been around for a decade, you can rank your blog on Google if you just do what Google wants you to do. So here are 25/50 tips to get your blog ranked by the world’s biggest SE.

Web 2.0 for Event Promotion

How do you leverage a the Web and Internet marketing to promote your upcoming event? There are so many channels of distribution, the possibilities are almost endless. Here’s a checklist of what I did to promote an upcoming workshop I’m teaching at flyte called "How to Plan, Build and Promote a Business Blog."

7 Blog Promotion Techniques

A reader asked me a question that I found quite intriguing, “How do I get people to find my blog posts?

Google, The Anti-Advertising Advertising Company

Google’s a bit of a mystery to many marketers; how does a company rise to the position Google is in within the advertising industry without doing much advertising themselves?

Long Live Free: How Free Makes Money
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The concept of "free" isn’t exactly a new one, but it is taking on a sort of new life in the digital age as major publishers (slowly) warm up to the concept – except the recording industry, of course, where the "free" is usually coupled with "to help make us a lot more money."

Oodle Shakes Its BandTracker

Online classifieds site Oodle has launched a concert listings service called BandTracker out of beta. If a favorite band plays near you, BandTracker will let you know.