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Conan O’Brien, Dave Franco On Tinder for Laughs

Conan O’Brien created a profile on Tinder, using the name Chip Whitley, and calling himself a Conan O’Brien look-alike. The happily married father of two wasn’t looking for a quick hook up, it seems, but rather feeling out the site …

Facebook Hoax Alert: Apparently, People Are Still Falling for the ‘See Who Viewed Your Profile’ Scam Facebook Hoax Alert: Apparently, People Are Still Falling for the ‘See Who Viewed Your Profile’ Scam

Guys, we need to talk. It appears that people still think that there’s some way to see who has viewed their Facebook profiles. Scammers keep designing bogus apps to capitalize on this belief, and there’s a new one in town …

LinkedIn Now Lets You Edit Your Profile on Its Mobile Apps LinkedIn Now Lets You Edit Your Profile on Its Mobile Apps
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LinkedIn has just released updates to their iOS and Android apps that brings one of the most-requested features to the mobile platform. Starting today, LinkedIn users can now edit their profiles via mobile. So if you just got hired, got …

Wear Your Facebook Profile Pictures Wear Your Facebook Profile Pictures

For people who are completely obsessed with their Facebook Friends, comes BandAbout, a new company that allows you to take your Facebook pictures and convert them into a mosaic to wear on your wrist. BandAbout is a new company in …

MySpace Redesigns Profile Pages

MySpace has long been criticized for poor design and as part of a turnaround effort, the struggling social networker has finally done something about it.  The new profiles are not available throughout the site, but Sean Percival, MySpace’s VP of Online Marketing, tweeted about his own "clean new" profile early on Friday.

Weighing The Benefits Of Facebook Toolbar

Here is a quick productivity tip if you find yourself logging in and out of Facebook – did you know that there is a tool bar for Windows Explorer and Firefox for Facebook?

The Facebook Toolbar allows you to log into Facebook direct from your browser.

You can quickly navigate to friend requests, new messages, event invitations, group invitations, upload photographs and even share pages you are currently browsing to your Facebook profile.

Mark Zuckerberg Is Hesitant Going Fully ‘Public’ With His Facebook Profile

Mark Zuckerberg and I aren’t Facebook friends. That’s cool; I don’t know him. Until recently, all I could see of his profile was his picture, networks and friend list. But this morning, either the Facebook CEO had decided that’s what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, or even he didn’t know what the new privacy settings changed.

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Facebook Opening Up User Profiles To Third Party Developers

The arms race between Facebook and Twitter or social media supremacy has its good and bad moments. The good is that all of this ‘one-upsmanship’ should eventually lead to better tools for social media users. The bad news is that we have to hear about every time someone at one of these two companies has a thought.

’25 Things’ The Latest Trend On Facebook

Facebook’s popular “25 Things About Me” meme  has gone viral and has even hit mainstream media (it’s in Time Magazine!). And since you have to have a Facebook account to participate, this simple request has driven a lot of new signups and traffic to the site.

Facebook Trying To Acquire Twitter Is Setup For Failure

Kara Swisher has written a tremendous post on Facebook’s quiet attempt at acquiring Twitter. It inspired me to share my thoughts on the subject.

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We’ve decided to start a new fun thing here at Ignite Social Media. Limited edition social media shirts.social media shirts

We’re geeks. You’re a geek. We’re proud of it (well, most of the time…).  Hopefully you are, too.  So let’s wear our social media geekiness, not just on our sleeve, but on our whole upper body.