Here’s What You Can Now Do With Google Shopping

Here’s What You Can Now Do With Google Shopping

By Chris Crum November 21, 2013 | 1 Comment

Google has launched some new features for Google Shopping, including some tweaks to the browsing experience, a new Shortlists feature and 360° product views. When it comes to browsing, users can now preview details like sizes, colors, descriptions and availability …

TheFind Thinks Google Shopping Will Hurt Consumers TheFind Thinks Google Shopping Will Hurt Consumers

Google is scheduled to complete its transition to the paid inclusion-based Google Shopping model for its product search results next week. Some retailers have expressed disdain for the move, while others have embraced it. At least one has compared Google …

Amazon Is Taking Searches Away From Google Amazon Is Taking Searches Away From Google

People are starting their product searches on Amazon.com more, and on Google.com (and other search engines) less, according to a report from the New York Times. That should bode well for Google in any arguments it may face against regulators, …

Google Rich Snippet Updates Announced, Author Stats Go Missing Google Rich Snippet Updates Announced, Author Stats Go Missing

Update: A Google spokesperson tells WebProNews, “We’ve currently disabled the experimental ‘Author stats’ feature in Webmaster Tools Labs as we work to fix a bug in the way stats are attributed.” Google announced that Product Rich Snippets are now supported …

Bing Shopping Gets Improved Product Category Navigation

Bing has made added some enhancements to Bing Shopping with the goal of making it easier for people to browse merchandise by category and sub-category, or as Bing describes it, by "browsing visual aisles like you would in the real-world". 

Google Aids Borders With Local Availability Tool

Early this week, Borders announced a new version of its website on which users could (sometimes) employ Google Books to preview a novel.  Now, the two organizations are building on that relationship, as would-be Borders shoppers should be able use Google Product Search to determine whether a local store has a given piece of merchandise in stock.

Milo Launches Useful Local Product Search Android App
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Milo.com announced a new Android app today for local shopping. The company claims this is the only app available in the Android Market that will search the inventory systems of local stores in real-time and tell shoppers (while they’re on the go) what’s currently in stock , where, and which local stores have the best prices. 

Brick and Mortar Retailers Will Benefit from Online Inventory Listing
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Earlier this month, Google announced that it was making public its documentation for Local Shopping inventory for Google Merchant Center. This is a feature that lets retailers let consumers know about what they have in stock. Milo.com is another site that based upon a similar principle, and it’s doing pretty well. 

Google: Consumers Rely on Search Engines Over Social for Product Searches

Google pointed to some stats from PowerReviews and the e-tailing group this week, which show that search still largely dominates as the source used to begin a product search by consumers. 

According to these findings, 57% start with a search engine. 20% view a brand’s site. 18% research at a retailer. 3% use social network sites, and 2% pose a question on Twitter (it’s unclear whether Twitter is counted in the social network sites category).  

Google Launches Commerce Search to Boost Your Conversion Rates
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Google has launched a new product that online retailers may find incredibly useful for improving the product search on their site, and potentially increasing sales and reducing bounce rates. It’s called simply Google Commerce Search. Think Google Site Search, specifically tailored to e-commerce and product sites. Google couldn’t have timed such a release any better with the holiday shopping season arriving. 

Add Video Reviews to Google Product Pages
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Google has announced that they are now including relevant and "high quality" YouTube video reviews on product pages in Google Product Search.

"Video product reviews are getting a lot of buzz right now, as shoppers increasingly turn to the web to help them figure out what to buy," says Google Product Search Business Product Manager Paul Lee.

Google Product Search Gains Barcode Scanning Ability
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Star Trek fans and recession-conscious shoppers take heed: Google Product Search for mobile is going all next-generation.  Barcode scanning has been integrated into the product search homepage such that users of Android devices can easily find more info on many UPC-bearing items.

Google Insights for Search Gets 3 New Features
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Google has launched a few new features for Insights for Search, which should make the tool even more useful to marketers than it already was. If you are unfamiliar with the tool, it was launched last summer, and it helps marketers find trends in search so they can be applied to your own marketing campaigns. It was discussed fairly extensively here.

Microsoft Shows Off New Product Search Features

The other day, Doug reported that Microsoft Live Search Mobile had added product search abilities to its arsenal, but that is not all that the softies are up to on the product search front.

Froogle Shops For A Frugal Experience

Google has rebranded their moribund shopping engine from Froogle to Google Product Search, and changed its look to match other Google pages.