Macworld Ends Print Publication, Reduces Staff

Macworld Ends Print Publication, Reduces Staff

By Chris Crum September 10, 2014

News broke today that the print version of Macworld is being shut down as IDG laid off most of the staff. The online version will continue, but also with a reduced staff. The news emerged from tweets by staff, which …

Newsweek Goes Strictly Digital After 80 Years Newsweek Goes Strictly Digital After 80 Years

Newsweek, which has been in publication for nearly 80 years, is adopting an all-digital format. In 2010, the publication merged with online publication The Daily Beast, and now the combined company has decided the print business is no longer needed. …

Encyclopaedia Britannica Vs. Wikipedia [Infographic] Encyclopaedia Britannica Vs. Wikipedia [Infographic]

I have to admit: when I wrote last week’s article about the Encyclopedia Britannica‘s going out of print, I jumped over to Wikipedia for a little bit of fact-checking. I’ve gone on record lamenting the demise of the multi-volume printed …

Feeling Nostalgic For the Encyclopedia Britannica? Feeling Nostalgic For the Encyclopedia Britannica?

I’ve been feeling a little nostalgic these past few days, especially in light of the Encyclopaedia Britannica’s recent decision to stop printing hard copies of their reference set. For years the Britannica was our “key to the information age,” whatever …

Encyclopedia Britannica to Cease Printing Encyclopedia Britannica to Cease Printing

Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 depicts a future world in which books are no longer published, and where members of society instead receive their information in rooms with screens for walls, or falling asleep at night with little seashell radios in …

US Advertisers Will Spend More On Online Ads Than Print Ads In 2012 US Advertisers Will Spend More On Online Ads Than Print Ads In 2012
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Just because Google is testing the waters of print adverts in the United States doesn’t necessarily mean there’s going to be a resurgence of print advertising in the future. In fact, total spending on print advertising is projected to continue …

Kindle Outsells Print Books, Says Amazon Kindle Outsells Print Books, Says Amazon

The news is coming in today from Amazon that digital books on their popular Kindle e-reader are now outselling all print books on Amazon.com. Surely this signals the end of print books and the bricks and mortar stores that sell …

The Typewriter Dies, the Electronic Autograph is Born The Typewriter Dies, the Electronic Autograph is Born

Every so often things happens in such a perfect, complementary fashion that it shakes the arguments against predetermination to the core.  Alas, where one once bright star is slowly flickering out another is bursting with new light.  And one might …

Is an Apple Store for Print Publications Really the Answer?

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple could announce a "print subscription" offering as early as the next month or two. The publication cites "people familiar with that matter", though one of these people said it may come early next year, alongside the next version of the iPad. That sounds more like Apple’s style to me. 

Links Add Value That Print Can’t Match
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Links are one of the biggest reasons that the print industry can’t compete with web content. This is not a new revelation, but after reading an interesting piece about the value of links by Scott Rosenberg, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it spelled out so crystal clear, and interestingly enough, it’s not really the point of his article.

Adobe Soon to Enable Any Publisher to Easily Create Digital Magazines for Tablets

Content publishers are excited about the iPad and other tablet devices. Such devices provide readers with a new way of interacting with content. Print publishers, in particular, are hopeful that this kind of publishing can make up for some of the losses they have experienced on the print side.

Less Print Magazines Being Launched, But Also Less Dying
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According to MediaFinder, which claims to be the largest online database of U.S. and Canadian publications, 90 magazines were launched in the first half of 2010. That is way down from 187 titles launched during the same period in 2009.

Online Ad Spending To Outpace Print In 2010
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Spending on online advertising and marketing will surpass print in 2010 for the first time, according to a new report from Outsell.

Companies will spend $119.6 billion on online and digital strategies, from search engine keywords to webinars, while committing $111.5 billion to print such as newspapers and magazine ads. Overall, U.S. spending on advertising and marketing will increase in 2010, but only by 1.2 percent to $368 billion.

Google Looking to Split Print Pages into Individual Web Articles?

Back in 2008, Google filed a patent, which was recently published for public viewing. The patent is called "Segmenting Printed Media Pages Into Articles," and appears to imply that the company wants to take individual articles from print publications and turn them into individual articles on the web. The abstract says:

New York Times Releases Details Of Online Payment Model

After a long debate, the New York Times has officially settled on an online pay model and and implementation timeline. The meter system will be introduced at the beginning of next year.

Ad Spending For All Forms Of Media Sees Decline In Q1 2009

As we rapidly approach the end of the second quarter of 2009 there is still news trickling in from what happened in Q1. As suspected, that news is not good. A study by TNS Media Intelligence was reported in today’s WSJ and ad spend for media including TV, print and online display ads fell 14% year to year to $30.8 billion.

Google Promotes Profiles by Giving Away Business Cards

Google has been directing a lot of attention toward Google Profiles lately. They begin offering a vanity URL feature for them, and began displaying them in search results. Now they are actually offering business cards for them. The company is giving away  10,000 sets of 25 Google Profile business cards for free.