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Bill Daley Exits Race For Governor In Illinois Bill Daley Exits Race For Governor In Illinois

Bill Daley, a democratic candidate has decided to back out on the race for governor of Illinois. Daley is a lawyer and former banker. He has previously served as White House Chief of Staff from 2011 to 2012 and also …

Marion Barry Insults Asian Community At Victory Rally Marion Barry Insults Asian Community At Victory Rally

Marion Barry, the 76-year old Washington D.C. councilman who was imprisoned in 1990 after a video surfaced of him smoking crack, is making headlines again with disparaging remarks he made on Tuesday about Asian-run businesses. “We got to do something …

Puerto Rico Primary Names Romney Winner Puerto Rico Primary Names Romney Winner

Unofficial results show that Mitt Romney has taken Puerto Rico today in the primary in a sweep, garnering 83% of the total amount of votes. Rick Santorum was the distant second in the race, taking only 8% of the votes, …

‘Joe the Plumber’ Wins Ohio GOP Primary, Faces Kaptur In Fall ‘Joe the Plumber’ Wins Ohio GOP Primary, Faces Kaptur In Fall
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Ohio’s 9th Congressional District now has a GOP candidate in the fray, and his name is – Joe the Plumber, a.k.a Samuel Wurzelbacher. If you’re reaching back into the memories of hot political topics that ended up becoming bigger than …

Can Facebook Predict Election Outcomes? Can Facebook Predict Election Outcomes?
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It’s a fun game to try to predict the outcome of a future event – football games, NCAA tournaments, coin tosses. I can predict the judges’ scores on “Dancing With the Stars” with 90%+ accuracy. After doing it for several …

Search Titans Ready For Iowa Caucuses

The campaign for Presidential nominations began in earnest today with the first primary being held in Iowa. The major search engines have resources of interest for the politically inclined surfer to visit.

PR Leap’s Social Media Releases

I’m already a fan of using keyword-optimized press releases as part of your online marketing. It’s often a low cost way to get backlinks to your site adn build your search engine presence.

Yes, some industries are less effective and they have fallen in importance, but SEO press releases can still be a very cost-effective strategy to getting search engine rankings.

Digg Unearths Presidential Candidate Tracking

Users of Digg can keep an eye on how candidates (or presumably their campaigns) interact with stories appearing on the social media site.

Does The MySpace Vote Matter?

One week ago, MySpace announced plans to hold its own little Presidential primary, and we all “oohed” and “aahed” (or at least thoughtfully “hmmed”) on cue – it sounds like an interesting idea, right?  But new data implies that MySpace’s elections won’t in any way predict the real deal.

MySpace To Hold Presidential Primary

MySpace is becoming more involved in the political process and today announced plans to hold their own Presidential primary. The social networking giant will hold virtual elections on January 1 and 2, 2008.

CAN-SPAM Five Months Later

Got spam? Me, too. Five months after CAN-SPAM became the law of the land, here are some of the changes in the landscape.

Two Primary Steps to Precipitation (Manifesting)

We want what we want. We want it in our businesses, our relationships, our lifestyles. Are there any shortcuts and free lunches?