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Postage Increase: New Price Rates May Be a ‘Lose-Lose Proposition’

A forewarning on changes in stamp prices has been reported since last year, informing Americans to look forward to an increase in costs for the new year. Well Sunday was the day that stamps officially increased by 4 cents; a new pricing that is expected to be in effect for the next 24 months. With the approval of the Postal …

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Are Game Prices Going To Go Up This Year?

In 2005, Microsoft ushered us into an age where video games cost $60. Initially, we complained as games were only $50 on the PS2, Xbox and Gamecube. Eight years later and we’re now complacent with the new price of games. Will that complacency give in to publishers asking for even more money with next-generation games? Kotaku reports that Microsoft has …

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Disneyland, Disney World Tickets Hit By Price Hike

Disneyland is a place where dreams come true, but those dreams are now seeing a price hike. Disney announced over the weekend that ticket prices for Disneyland and California Adventure will go up by $5. That translates to $92 for a one-day adult ticket, and $87 for a one-day child’s ticket. Prices at Disney World also went up. It’s not …

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