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Final Fantasy 13-2 Walks The Runway With Prada

In the latest issue of Arena Homme, which goes on sale April 12, a cast of characters from Final Fantasy XIII-2 including Lightning, Noel, Snow, Sazh and Hope are styled for action as they step out of their usual outfits …

Will The iPhone Flop?
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CrunchGear blogger Seth Porges thinks the iPhone will bomb, and he makes a good case for it, even if it seems counterintuitive at first.

LG Calls Apple A ‘Copycat’

When Apple unveiled its new iPhone last month – you remember, when the Internet went into a collective paroxysm, speaking in tongues and falling into ecstatic prostration at Steve Jobs feet – many of us observers said, "hey, wait a minute. Didn’t LG just win a prize for a phone just like that?"

Google Wants To Wear Prada

The bloggers behind Gawker.com will be thrilled to know that Google would like to see luxury brand Prada dump ad placements in Vanity Fair in favor of using Google’s AdWords.