What You Need To Know About The Postini To Google Apps Transition [Video]

What You Need To Know About The Postini To Google Apps Transition [Video]

By Chris Crum January 3, 2013

Google acquired Postini back in 2007, then slowly transitioned features from the hosted security and archiving service into Google Apps. Back in August, Google provided an update about the plan moving forward, noting that it planned to have Postini fully …

Google Rolls Out New Email Security Services

Google has announced three new packages of email security products on the Google Apps platform powered by Postini.

Google Message Filtering, Google Message Security and Google Message Discovery. According to Google they will operate with any email system, including Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange and Novell Groupwise.

Google Message Filtering offers basic spam filtering for any email server and is available for $3/user/ per year. For $12/user/per year Google Message Security provides email security and policy management for incoming and outgoing email messages.

Google opens Postini services to public

Will a price as low as $3 per user offset concerns over Google providing email filtering and security as a third party to companies?

Google Lets Go Of Postini Employees?

Last week, all eyes were on AOL, and perhaps even Yahoo, to see if employees would be let go prior to Christmas.  Now a surprising rumor has spread that Google filled the Grinch’s role by firing around 60 former Postini employees.

Google Preps Postini For Business World
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As enamored as the tech world can be with the business to consumer relationships of Web 2.0 applications, Google understands what companies like Microsoft and IBM do – the real money is in business to business relationships.

Google’s Postini Deal Goes Through
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There’s no telling what’ll happen with the DoubleClick deal, but Mountain View’s Postini arrangement is no longer up in the air – the Federal Trade Commission doesn’t mind if Google acquires the email security company.

Google To Purchase Postini For $625 Million
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Google has announced that it is acquiring Postini, an on demand communications e-mail security company.

Spam And Viruses Continue To Grow

The problem of spam continues to be a major annoyance for many. Over the past two years the amount of spam has increased. According to Postini, a communications security firm they blocked more than 25 million spam messages in December. This was a 144 percent increase from December 2005 to December 2006.

Spam Jams Email

What does your email inbox look like? Is it full of spam or are the filters doing their job? A report from an online security firm IronPort Systems said 62 billion spam messages a day jammed US email systems in October.