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Decorated Poet Maxine Kumin Dies

One for Life, One for Death”- Maxine Kumin It is with much regret that we relay the Associated Press’s report that Maxine Kumin, Pulitzer Prize winner and onetime poetry consultant to the Library of Congress has died at the age …

Seamus Heaney Death Mourned Across the World
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Let us take a break from Miley and the Twerking and remember that life has more to offer than endless garbage. The beloved poet and Nobel laureate Seamus Heaney died yesterday at the age of 74, in Dublin. The literary …

New Breaking Bad Trailer Channels Famous Ozymandias Sonnet and the Inevitable Fall of Kings

AMC has just put out a new trailer for the upcoming season 5B of Breaking Bad, and it’s likely to give you chills. No new scenes, no hints at what’s to come – just Walter White calmly reciting Percy Bysshe …

Federico García Lorca Gets Google Homepage Doodle Federico García Lorca Gets Google Homepage Doodle
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Google’s homepage in Spain is currently showing a doodle honoring Spanish poet Federico García Lorca’s 115th birthday. García Lorca, executed by Nationalist forces in the Spanish Civil War, was known as a member of the Genration of ’27. In addition …

Technology vs Humanity [Video] Technology vs Humanity [Video]

Poet Marshall Soulful Jones explores the difficulties we have introduced into our society by injecting technology into our relationships. People can claim sometimes thousands of “friends” on Facebook. But, how many of those people listed do you ever interact with …

Twitter and Texting, the Poetry of a Generation Twitter and Texting, the Poetry of a Generation

Carol Ann Duffy is an acclaimed Scottish poet responsible for dozens of well-respected collections. In 2009, she was appointed Britain’s poet laureate, making her the first woman to ever hold the position. And she thinks that Twitter and text messaging …

Twitter Poetry: William Shatner Recites Sarah Palin’s Tweets
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On Wednesday nights airing of "The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien", viewers were treated with some poetry. But, not just any poetry… William Shatner read poetry. Oh, and I forgot to mention, the poems were actually tweets from former Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin.

Marketers Step Into Google FOG

It wasn’t too long ago that a possible Microsoft purchase of Yahoo would have spooked the living daylights out of everybody. Not anymore, not even close. Fear of Google, the FOG, rolls in so thick the folks enveloped within are looking to Microsoft for daylight.

Google Grabs Polish Poets By the Bards

The only one sounding their barbaric YAWP in the poetry world these days is Google. A Polish writing group – the AFP chunks them all as poets – named Grupa Mlodych Artystow i Literatow, or GMAiL, has been set upon to analyze the finer points of rhetoric from Google’s legal team.

Google Poetry Outdoes The Vogons

Google Mobile Team’s Matt Waddell has reached a place of distinction. His lyrical tribute to Google Local for mobile on the Google Blog has just replaced Vogon poetry as the third worst in the Universe. Congratulations on the development of a truly difficult skill.

Writing For Profit and Pleasure – Writing Markets – Poetry Markets – Freelance Writing

There are 1000s of writing opportunities for writers and poets who are willing to take some initiative.

Refuse to Live Without Art, Poetry and Music

Q: Why should an Internet course in Emotional Intelligence include art, poetry and music? A: Because EQ involves understanding and being able to express your emotions, and art, poetry and music are the most suitable vehicles for this.