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TV Panel Shipments Fell in June and July

Market watchers had warned in July that LCD TV panel demand was severely weakened. Last week, confirmation of those worries came, with estimates showing that worldwide LCD panel shipments fell year-over-year during the third quarter. Now, a new report is showing that all flat-panel manufacturers, not just LCD panel makers, may be facing a rough year. Market research firm IHS …

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US Army Trying To Harness Weapons Grade Lightning

Zeus may have had it right after all. The god of thunder uses lightning to strike his opponents down and now the United States Army is trying to harness the power of lightning for its own purposes. They are experimenting with laser-induced plasma channel that basically uses a laser as a pathway to shoot bolts of plasma down the stream …

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Star Trek Tech: Handheld Plasma Sanitizer Gun

A group of Chinese and Australian scientists have developed a handheld, battery-powered plasma-producing device that can rid skin of bacteria in an instant. The device could be used in ambulance emergency calls, natural disaster sites, military combat operations and many other instances where treatment is required in remote locations. The plasma flashlight, outlined in IOP Publishing’s Journal of Physics D: …

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Linux Users Finally Getting Their Own Tablet

It seems that Linux users will finally be able to join the ranks of tablet users. Spark is a new tablet from KDE, the free software community behind the Plasma series of Linux frameworks. The tablet’s operating system will be KDE’s Plasma Active Linux framework. The tablet, which will retail for under $300, sports a solid set of hardware specifications. …

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