Retirement Planning: Not Just For Seniors

Retirement Planning: Not Just For Seniors

By Toni Matthews-El February 19, 2014

When many Americans hear the words, “retirement planning”, they immediately think of silver-haired oldsters plotting life after they are finally able to stop working. This isn’t so unusual since traditionally, it’s been expected that individuals begin planning on an exit …

TechCrunch UK Returns

So TechCrunch UK is planning to relaunch on June 1. Part of the prep is hiring a new editor.

SES NY: Almost Here
We are now under two weeks away from Search Engine Strategies New York, the premier search industry event in my backyard, and boy am I excited. Search Engine Roundtable is planning a huge amount of coverage, planning to liveblog about 80% of all sessions.

News Flash: Google’s Not Doing Anything

Oh how lost we are when there’s little or no Google news! Mondays are bad anyway, but this is just silly: Google headlines centering on Google not buying anybody, how things are staying the same at the Googleplex and about how Eric Schmidt said Apple and Google were working together on some things he won’t talk about.

Let’s review: nothing; nothing; and nondescript something. That’s the Google news today.

Intelligent Logistics or Just Good Old Common Sense?

What does the word ‘Intelligent’ suggest when used in conjunction with Logistics? It connotes “smart,” foresight-driven, sensory, responsive, and adaptive Logistics.

Product Planning and Apple Stores

I just had an evil thought. In every Apple store there’s several computers setup where you can get on the Internet, play around, basically do everything you want.

Google Planning For Shanghai R&D

A new research and development center in Shanghai will be Google’s third in the country, and should open up in 2007.

Using ‘The Art of War’ For Effective Career Planning

Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” has been profoundly discussed by academics and historians since its publication. It has also been widely used in implementing marketing strategies, in project management, in combat operations, in politics, and in any field that requires strategic planning and implementation.

Federated Media Unveils Ad Planning Tool

Author John Battelle announced the beta version of Federated Media’s advertising platform to enable ad clients to create their campaigns for FM’s network of high-quality blogs.

Strategic Site Migration: Planning For Success

An analytical approach to moving an existing business web site from one Internet Service Provider (ISP) to another will increase the likelihood of a seamless transition.

Business Plans: Disaster Planning

Business plans are a must for any entrepreneurial venture. Every new and existing company should have one.

WordPress Upgraded

I’ve just upgraded WordPress on this blog to version 2.0.2 which was released last week.

Amazon Planning Google Adsense Rival?

Chris Beasley reports Amazon is planning a contextual ad network that sounds very similar to Google’s Adsense.

Windows Live Local PC Mag Editors Choice

PC Magazine has done a roundup of trip planning tools, and newcomer Windows Live Local has gottent the Editor’s Choice over hype-champion Google Local and longtime stalwarts like MS’s Street’s and Trips.

Blogger Editorial Calendar is Here

If you are like most bloggers, you often discover that finding time to blog can be an issue.

Microsoft SQL 2000 Disaster Recovery with SANRAD V-Switch – Planning Guide

Designing a disaster recovery system requires planning and consideration of the available options that will best fit your company’s needs, SLA and budget.

Planning a Site Redesign? Read This First!
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I can’t tell you how many sites I’ve consulted on where, without a word to the SEM team, the site owner re-launches with a brand new site.