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Earth Hour: Throwing Shade At Poor Or Good Cause?

The lights went out over many of the globe’s major landmarks last night. From the Great Wall of China and pyramids of Egypt to the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben, there was worldwide participation in the name of the annual trend called Earth Hour. Initiated by the World Wide Fund for Nature in 2007, the act is meant to be …

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Mercury Is Shrinking; NASA Makes Startling Revelation

Mercury, considered the smallest planet in the entire solar system, is said to be shrinking to an even smaller size. The findings were published in the Nature Geoscience and research shows that Mercury now has a diameter of more or less 3,032 miles, which is 8.6 miles smaller than its diameter 4 billion years ago. In the 1970s, scientists have …

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Mars Flooding Evidence Further Points To Planet’s Wet Past

Mars flooding seems about as likely as finding extraterrestrial life on the planet, but new evidence suggests the red planet really was subject to intense flooding during its lifetime. NASA announced today the results of a study conducted by its Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter satellite. The study sought to recreate “ancient water channels below the Martian surface” in full 3D. Mapping …

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Giant Planet Formation May Have Been Spotted

Astronomers have found what could be the first-ever sighting of a planet forming while still in the midst of a dust cloud surrounding a star. The object, which orbits the star HD 100546, is only 335 light-years from Earth and appears to be a gas giant. If the findings, published this week in Astrophysical Journal Letters, are confirmed, they could …

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New “Super Earth” Planet Discovered in Six-Planet System

U.K. and German Astronomers announced this week that they have discovered a new “super Earth” planet that could, conceivably, have an Earth-like climate. The planet exists in the habitable zone of a nearby star called HD 40307 and is part of a six-planet system. The system was previously believed to have only three planets, each too close to the star …

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