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Anti-Piracy Lawyer Rips Off Content from Competitor Anti-Piracy Lawyer Rips Off Content from Competitor
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John Steele, an anti-piracy “pay-up-or-else” lawyer, has filed close to 100 mass-lawsuits for his clients, targeting thousands of BitTorrent users, a.k.a. Pirates. Now it seems the moniker could even fit Mr. Steele himself. The folks over at TorrentFreak have pointed …

Why VCs Are Against the Protect IP Act Why VCs Are Against the Protect IP Act

The Protect IP Act introduced by Senator Patrick Leahy in May is receiving a lot of criticism. The bill, which in full is called Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act of 2011, hopes to crack down on the illegal online sale of counterfeit goods.

White House Throws Support Behind New Anti-Piracy Agreement White House Throws Support Behind New Anti-Piracy Agreement
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Not long after the news broke that top Internet Service Providers had agreed to a deal with the music and film industries to adopt a new, graduated response to piracy, the White House threw its support behind the deal on …

Top ISPs Adopt Graduated Response to Piracy, Give Users Six Strikes Top ISPs Adopt Graduated Response to Piracy, Give Users Six Strikes
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A couple of weeks ago, we told you about a new anti-piracy campaign being pushed by the National Cable and Telecommunications Association (NCTA). The deal, backed by the music and movie businesses would have major Internet Service Providers sign a …

AT&T, Comcast Preparing For Stricter Anti-Piracy Measures AT&T, Comcast Preparing For Stricter Anti-Piracy Measures
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Top Internet Service Providers and media groups are very close to a deal that would amount to one of the most serious anti-piracy measures to date. According to multiple sources, CNET is reporting that a group of ISPs that includes …

Is Google Trying To Hide Torrent Results?
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The torrent watchdogs of the Internet have a beef with Google’s instant search feature and the way it deals with word “torrent” and related searches (bittorrent, utorrent).  That is, instant search won’t suggest any sites unless the term in question is completely spelled out.

Google Censors “BitTorrent” Suggestions
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Early in December, Google vowed to distance itself from piracy. To do so, the company agreed that it would remove terms that are closely associated with piracy from appearing in their Autocomplete and Instant services.

Google To Roll Out Changes to Copyright Handling
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Google is making some significant changes to how it handles copyright infringement complaints and piracy that will go into effect over the next several months.

Google says it will act on reliable copyright takedown requests within 24 hours, will prevent terms that are closely associated with piracy from appearing in its Autocomplete feature, will improve its AdSense anti-piracy review, and will experiment to make authorized preview content more readily available in search results. 

Streaming Music Turning Users Away From Piracy

UK Music fans are turning their backs file-sharing in favor of streaming and other ways of sharing music, especially amongst teens, according to the latest survey by The Leading Question and Music Ally of 1000 music fans:

French Court Revises Internet Piracy Law

France’s highest constitutional court has struck down part of a law backed by President Nicolas Sarkozy that was aimed at targeting Internet pirates.

The law was set up as a three-strikes system for copyright violators, who would first receive an email warning, then a letter and ultimately lose their Internet access if they were caught a third time.

Sony CEO Says He Does So Get The Internet

Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton fired back at critics roused by his statement that nothing good has come from the Internet with a lengthy column published on the Huffington Post.

France Approves Internet Piracy Bill

French lawmakers approved a plan on Tuesday to cut off Internet access to those who illegally download content.

The French National Assembly passed the bill by a vote of 296 to 223 and the measure will go before the Senate for final approval on Wednesday.

The legislation is one of the toughest ever drafted against Internet piracy around the world, it would penalize those who pirate music and movies by shutting down their Internet access for up to a year.

MPAA Knocks Movie Fan Site Offline
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When the realities of business and art crash into each other, it’s usually art that suffers. Bulls and China shops come to mind, as does the MPAA and the Internet. The Motion Picture Association of America’s latest pile of previously beautiful bits: Fanedit.org.

MTV To Profit From Pirated MySpace Videos

If you thought YouTube’s click-to-buy feature was neat for music labels, allowing them to add links to purchase music on pirated videos featuring that music, you’ll love this: MTV has partnered with MySpace to identify videos posted to MySpace that are copyrighted by MTV, using audio and visual fingerprint technology. And here’s the good part: instead of getting medieval on pirated videos’ hineys, MTV gets to add ads.

Metallica OK With New Album Being Pirated?
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In a display of hypocrisy that seems like it could almost be taken directly out of a lyrical interpretation of a track from Metallica’s own "…And Justice for All" album, the band’s drummer and well-known music piracy combatant, Lars Ulrich, has now said that he doesn’t care if Metallica’s new album is pirated.

Getting Away With Magazine Piracy
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Audio and Video aren’t the only forms of media being pirated on the Internet.

There is a site called Mygazines.com that thinks they can get away with allowing users to upload entire copies of magazines provided they simply acknowledge that they have purchased it.

Not surprisingly, the publishers aren’t too thrilled with this.

Some publishers have been reported to be preparing legal action, and the site’s days (at least in the current format) are likely numbered.

UK ISP Music Deal Only Sounds Reasonable
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The US and Britain go about some things differently; this was as the heart of our little squabble in the 18th Century. It’s not surprising an announcement that a UK ISP will be both music piracy police and provider of subscription music services doesn’t seem to ring many alarms.

Film Piracy Increasing In France
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French film fans are illegally downloading more movies than they pay to see in theaters, according to a new study.

Alpha, a movie industry group that fights piracy, commissioned the study to examine the number of films downloaded on the Internet via P2P file sharing with movie ticket sales.

Digital Music Sales Increase
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Music sales dropped to their lowest level in a decade even though there was an increase in digital sales but it did not make up for falling CD sales according to a report from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI).

Worldwide music sales fell 8 percent to $19.4 billion in 2007. Sales of CDs dropped 13 percent to $15.9 billion. Sales of downloaded songs and mobile ringtones increased 34 percent to $2.9 billion.

Music Industry Warns Baidu About Piracy
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The Chinese music industry issued a warning to the nation’s most popular search engine Baidu saying it risked losing advertising for allowing music to be pirated.

"Resolutely countering Baidu, the largest and most incorrigible purveyor of pirated music in China, has become a common goal of the music industry," said Qu Jingming, director-general of the Music Copyright Society of China (MCSC).

China Focused On Piracy In Internet Cafes
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Beijing courts are pledging higher fines for Internet cafes that allow users to violate copyright laws by illegally downloading movies.

The Beijing High People’s Court promised harsher penalties would be introduced after three local courts heard cases involving Internet cafes and copyright infringement. In one case, Chinese producer Huayi Brothers, won its lawsuit against three Internet cafes.

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