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Pipeline Explosion Has Residents Without Heat In Extreme Cold

Residents in the Canadian province of Manitoba have been left without natural gas for heat, after a pipeline exploded on Saturday. The explosion sent a huge fireball into the night sky. The natural gas pipeline explosion cut heat to thousands of people who could be in for some extremely cold weather in the coming days. No injuries have yet been …

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Pipeline Explosion Leaves Many Without Heat

The Pipeline explosion that rocked southern Manitoba on Saturday is to blame for nearly 4,000 dealing with the extremely cold temperatures sans heat. Many of theses residents have alternate sources of heat to fall back on, according to Chambers Ewen, spokesperson for the Rural Municipality of Hanover. “Given the area we live in, there’s a lot of people that have …

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Pipeline Explosion Leaves Thousands in Brutal Cold

The TransCanada natural gas pipeline explosion near Winnipeg, Canada caused a fire that burned for 12 hours Saturday, but the most disconcerting effects have proven to be the resulting elimination of heat in close to 4,000 homes. In what could only be defined as terrible timing, temperatures in Winnipeg and surrounding areas are currently dropping to -20 C at night. …

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Pipeline Explosion: Cause Of Blast Unknown

A pipeline in Oklahoma ruptured late Tuesday night, causing an explosion with flames that reached up to two football fields high, according to officials. Authorities are still investigating the cause of the explosion but say that thankfully no one was harmed. Several families had to be evacuated from the area as Northern Natural Gas rushed to the scene to cut …

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