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Taco Bell Fires Police-Hating Employee

After deliberately insulting a police officer, the Taco Bell employee that wrote “PIG” on the order of a Newton police officer was finally let go. A social media outrage broke out after the photo of two taco orders with “PIG” casually written on them was posted by an individual not involved with the incident. The photo went viral last Saturday. …

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North Carolinian Hunter Kills 500lb Hog

Every now and then our inner child jumps around like a relapsing drug addict on planet cocaine when the news showcases a wild beast like Big Foot or the Mothman that ‘proves’ to us that monsters DO exist and reality is truly stranger than fiction. Unfortunately, a lot of the times, we grow up, we learn then that news is …

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Dead Pigs in River Float into Shanghai

The New York Times is reporting that more than 2,800 dead pigs have been found floating into Shanghai in the Huangpu River, which flows through the city. The incident has raised concerns about contamination of Shanghai tap water. The carcasses were evidently coming from somewhere upstream, and Chinese officials are currently trying to identify the source of the pigs. The …

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Oklahoma Man Arrested For Sexually Violating A Pig

I know that it’s hard to contain yourself around a prized show pig, but there are lines you just don’t cross. A man in Murray County, Oklahoma crossed that line. KFOR in Oklahoma City is reporting that 77-year-old Jimmy “Hawkeye” Jeter was caught on tape violating a show pig at the barn at the Davis Public Schools. This might get …

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