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Microsoft Updates Photosynth With New 3D Imagery Features

Back in 2006, Microsoft introduced a new way to view pictures with photosynth – an application that converts photographs into explorable 3D environments. Since then, the application has received numerous updates with today being one of the biggest updates to the application since its launch. Microsoft announced today via the Bing blog that photosynth has been updated with four new …

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Windows Phone 8 Gets Panorama Shots With Photosynth

Those who bought a Lumia 920 as their inaugural Windows Phone 8 may have done so for its reportedly fantastic camera. There’s now an app for the device that will make your photos even better. Photosynth, Microsoft’s popular panorama photo app that took off on iOS, has made the jump to Windows Phone 8. Photosynth can capture full 360 degree …

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Yahoo Mail Is Suddenly Much More About Photography

Yahoo has rolled out a new Yahoo Mail app called “Photos,” which lets users easily find all their photos within Yahoo Mail, email or upload them to Flickr, locate emails photos were originally sent with, and sort/filter photos by sender/date/size/file type. “With Yahoo! Mail receiving and sending on average up to 500 million photos a day, this new tool makes …

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Mobile Photosynth Released for Windows Phone

Microsoft Photosynth made a big impression when it was released four years ago. The photo-stitching software allows users to create 360-degree panoramas and “synths” by putting together many photos of a location. It turns out that Microsoft has been quietly working on the technology ever since its release, and today the company is announcing the Photosynth app for Windows Phone. …

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