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Italian Prosecutor Appeals Google Execs’ Acquittal Italian Prosecutor Appeals Google Execs’ Acquittal

About seven years ago, a video was uploaded to YouTube featuring a group of school kids bullying an autistic child. This led to three Google executives – David Drummond, Peter Fleischer (pictured) and George Reyes – being convicted in 2010 …

Google “Surprised” that UK Privacy Agency Cares About Privacy Google “Surprised” that UK Privacy Agency Cares About Privacy

The Information Commissioner’s Office in the United Kingdom announced last week that it would be re-opening its inquiry of Google and its payload data-collecting Street View cars. In a letter sent to Google’s Global Privacy Counsel, Peter Fleischer, ICO Head …

Google’s Privacy Counsel Campaigns Against Ties

Peter Fleischer serves as Google’s global privacy counsel, but he may also have had a role in writing the dress code.  At any rate, the man apparently loathes ties – he wrote a letter to the Financial Times saying as much.

Google Reduces Data Retention Policy To 18 Months

Google’s Global Privacy Counsel Peter Fleischer appears to be a master of textual undercurrents (what the reader understands as "between the lines"), responding to Privacy International’s recent condemnation of the company’s privacy policies without mentioning the group itself.

Odd Privacy Comments From Google’s Fleischer
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The company’s global privacy counsel had some critical things to say about proposed Swedish wiretapping legislation, but picked a strange example when comparing Sweden to other countries.