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Netflix Brings “People Search” to Xbox 360; Makes Library Searchable by Actor, Director Netflix Brings “People Search” to Xbox 360; Makes Library Searchable by Actor, Director
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Earlier this month, Netflix launched an update to its Xbox 360 app that brought the “Just for Kids” platform to the console. “Just for Kids” is a section that highlights programming that’s appropriate for youngsters so parents can feel confident …

Ark: More Evidence That Facebook Is Interested In Search? Ark: More Evidence That Facebook Is Interested In Search?

Ark, a new people search service, launched at TechCrunch Disrupt. It claims to let users search over a billion people bsaed on over 30 filters (such as location, high school, college, employment, interests, etc.). It indexes over a billion profiles …

Like Privacy? You May Have Some Opting Out To Do.
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Have you ever looked at Spokeo? If not, you might want to check it out – that is if you’re concerned about your online privacy. There’s a good chance they have a profile on you, and it may have more information than you care to have publicly accessible in any one place. And that’s just the free part, if you pay, you can get access to even more information.

Growing Amount of Users Turning to People Search When Social Networks Fall Short
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While Facebook’s numbers continue to grow, it remains a reality that not everyone is on Facebook. So where do you turn to find people that you’re looking for online when they don’t have a Facebook account, or even if they do, but Facebook’s search results don’t do the best job of providing the result you’re looking for? An increasing number of people are turning to sites that are dedicated to this type of activity – people search. 

People Search is Getting Social

Wink.com says they’re the largest people search engine in the world. But to me, they look like a people meta-search engine, pulling their information from the web at large as well as from MySpace, LinkedIn and other people search engines. Now they’re expanding their site to include profiles.

For once, the connection between a product (the people search website) and a social network actually made perfect sense to me: you can “claim” your profile in search results, then add to it or modify it.

Zooomr Hits Upon People Search
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There are just sixteen days left until Yahoo Photos shuts down, and as users look for another service, they might consider using Flickr, which is also owned by Yahoo.  Or they could consider Zooomr, which just added a people search feature.

Facebook Discusses Personalized People Search
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Facebook’s a formidable entry in the social networking field – we all know this.  But the company’s announcement that it is also doing well in people search (indeed, in Facebook’s own words, it is the “[m]ost used people search engine on the web”) came as a surprise to many.

Spock Shines Despite Limited Reach

The reviews are rolling in, and they’re largely positive; Spock, it seems, is good.  But the reviews also suggest that this people search engine needs to find a more effective means of gathering information.

People Searches Surge Ahead
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On Google’s weekly Zeitgeist list, at least five of the top ten gaining queries are usually people’s names.  The concept of an “ego search” has pretty much spread throughout our society.  And companies like Pipl and Spock have based their entire reputation and business on “people search.”  Yes, people search is a big deal.