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iPhone 5 Concept Features, Stevie Wonder, Robots & the Evolution of Music iPhone 5 Concept Features, Stevie Wonder, Robots & the Evolution of Music

This week, we started a new series of articles where we look at some of the most interesting videos in tech and business that we come across in any given day. You can see yesterdays’ here. While it’s only day …

Diablo 3 Taps PayPal for Virtual Goods Payments
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PayPal and Blizzard have teamed up around Blizard’s new Diablo 3 and the Battle.net platform. “With the launch of Diablo 3’s public beta, gamers around the world will jump into Blizzard’s dungeon crawling masterpiece that, with its auction house system, promises …

PayPal Intros P2P NFC Solution PayPal Intros P2P NFC Solution

Laura Chambers, senior director of PayPal Mobile, gave the audience at MobileBeat a demo of a new P2P NFC solution today, which lets people transfer money “in a matter of seconds” by tapping two smartphones.  “This is just one of …

PayPal Aims to Save You From Being Eaten Alive by the Living Dead PayPal Aims to Save You From Being Eaten Alive by the Living Dead

In light of our other recent zombie coverage and Bruce Campbell on Twitter news, it seems appropriate to bring up a new PayPal commercial community-made video that was unveiled today at a company event, which shows how you may be …

PayPal Sues Google Following Google Wallet Launch PayPal Sues Google Following Google Wallet Launch
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Google unveiled Google Wallet yesterday, and it’s already gotten the company a lawsuit. It comes from PayPal, and names two Google executives – Osama Bedier and Stephanie Tilenius, both of which used to work at eBay, and worked on extensively …

PayPal Now an Option for Apps Using Facebook Credits PayPal Now an Option for Apps Using Facebook Credits

Facebook and PayPal announced today that Facebook app developers can now select PayPal as a payout option when they integrate Facebook Credits in their apps. This is huge news for e-commerce on Facebook, and should be ultimately for the success …

PayPal Android App Gets Check Photo Snapping Feature PayPal Android App Gets Check Photo Snapping Feature
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PayPal updated its Android app this morning to version 2.8. The new version has some new features including the ability to add money from checks by snapping a photo of the check (U.S. only) and storing of the app on …

PayPal Service Coming To Xbox Live PayPal Service Coming To Xbox Live
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For those of you who would like an additional method of purchasing on your Xbox Live account, Microsoft has apparently heard your calling, and will address your needs when the next XBL update occurs. Currently, the next update is scheduled …

eBay Acquires WHERE, MissionFish eBay Acquires WHERE, MissionFish
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Two bits of acquisition news coming out of eBay today. First, the company has completed its previously announced acquisition of location media company WHERE. Terms of the deal were still not revealed. “Local commerce companies like WHERE are blurring the …

PayPal Buys Fig Card, Aims to Kill the Wallet PayPal Buys Fig Card, Aims to Kill the Wallet
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PayPal has acquired Fig Card in the latest move in the increasingly interesting mobile payments space. This comes just a week after the company acquired WHERE, for location-based deals. eBay and PayPal will not get left behind as competition grows …

eBay Posts Strong First Quarter Earnings eBay Posts Strong First Quarter Earnings
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Good news for e-commerce giant eBay, as today they report solid first quarter results. For the first quarter ending March 31st, eBay reports $2.5 billion in net revenue, which is a 16% increase from the same period last year. The …

Third PayPal X Developer Challenge Begins
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Developers with any amount of ability when it comes to creating Android apps may want to start thinking about how to bring PayPal into the equation.  Today, the third PayPal X Developer Challenge kicked off, and PayPal’s established some significant cash prizes for the top three participants.

PayPal Opens New Customer Service/Operations Center
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Thanks to PayPal, the unemployment rate in Chandler, Arizona should dive rather soon.  PayPal announced today that it’s opening a new customer service and operations center in the city, and the center is designed to accommodate as many as 2,000 employees.

eBay Expects $13 Billion in Revenues in 2013

eBay said it expects double-digit annual revenue and earnings growth over the next three years. The company outlined its growth plans in a meeting yesterday. eBay expects revenues to reach at least $13 billion in 2013 (compared to $9 billion in 2010). 

PayPal Digital Goods Payment Product Released
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Today at eBay’s 2001 Analyst Day, PayPal announced the general availability of its digital goods solution, aptly called PayPal for Digital Goods. 

The product is designed for online publishers. "The solution makes paying for content online convenient and secure for consumers, a long-time challenge for all sorts of digital content providers," a PayPal representative tells WebProNews.

PayPal VP Of Product Development Moves To Google
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Fans of Google Checkout and/or the idea of paying for things with your Android smartphone have reason to cheer this morning: Osama Bedier, the (former) vice president of product development at PayPal, has taken a job with a certain search giant.

Details are light about what Bedier might do at Google.  Nonexistent, really, so we’ll be sure to provide an update if and when that info becomes available.  UPDATE: Bedier’s LinkedIn profile now indicates he’s a VP at Google.

PayPal Provides Payment Solution for New WebMatrix
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Today, Microsoft launched WebMatrix, a new tool described as a way  to make web development easier for people of all skill sets – from the novice to the expert. Now, PayPal has announced the PayPalX helper built specifically for Microsoft’s offering. 

PayPalX Helper lets developers integrate payments within their web sites or e-commerce applications built using WebMatrix.

PayPal Plans China Expansion
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Different estimates put China’s population in the neighborhood of 1.3 billion people, and soon enough, PayPal intends to start helping them do business worldwide.  PayPal will open an ecommerce hub in Chongqing with the local government’s blessing.

This won’t be a simple matter of encouraging people to use the online payment system when making purchases and accept it when making sales.  Instead, it looks like the company means to interact with merchants in a number of ways, presumably earning their respect and loyalty in the process.

PayPal Names New CFO

The service that provides eBay with a good chunk of its revenue now has a new chief financial officer.  eBay announced today that Patrick Dupuis, formerly of contact center outsourcing specialist Sitel, is taking the CFO position at PayPal.

If that seems like an odd career path, the fact that BJC Healthcare, a nonprofit healthcare organization, employed Dupuis prior to Sitel may send your eyebrows even higher.  Dupuis did serve as CFO at both those outfits, however.

Rumor Pairs Android Market, PayPal

Love it or hate it, a huge number of people are more familiar with PayPal than with any other online payment system.  And so the Android Market may soon seem more much accessible to them, as a new rumor indicates Google is about to reach a payment-related agreement with eBay.

That would represent a significant about-turn on Google’s part.  For a long time, the search giant did all it could to downplay the importance of PayPal and promote Google Checkout, linking to its service from Google.com and offering shoppers significant discounts.

Now You Can Deposit Checks Into PayPal With Your iPhone
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Update: As far as availability, PayPal tells us, "Mobile Check Capture is currently available in the US only. The underlying technology that makes this possible is based on legislation passed by US Congress in 2004 as a result of the 9/11 attacks. The legislation, called "Check Clearing for the 21st Century," or "Check 21," gives US financial institutions the opportunity to clear checks using imaging technology rather than transporting the paper itself.