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Google Drops Some ‘Upper Decker’ Knowledge (Courtesy Of Another Parked Domain) Google Drops Some ‘Upper Decker’ Knowledge (Courtesy Of Another Parked Domain)

Remember that story from the other day about Google’s questionable “answers” as it relies on websites to fill in the gaps in “knowledge” that its proper Knowledge Graph can’t answer? Well this one’s just funny. Just think of the traffic …

Matt Cutts Talks Parked Domain Content Matt Cutts Talks Parked Domain Content
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Google has released a new Webmaster Help video. It’s another one of those in which Matt Cutts answers his own question. This time, it’s: I have a parked domain and want to launch a new website on it. Are there …

Google In Lawsuit Over ‘Google AdSense for domains’

Google pays domain parkers by allowing them to run a special AdSense program. Titled “Google AdSense for domains”, this program now reportedly triggered a class-action lawsuit which alleges “that Google committed fraud, business code violations, and unjust enrichment by selling ads that were unlikely to generate conversions”.

Lawyer Derided Over Google Domain Ad Suit
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The litigant sought class action status for his lawsuit after an investment of $136.11 failed to bring him conversions from parked domains.

Google Continues Hiding Parked Domain Clicks
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Webmasters might be forgiven if they didn’t notice the option to opt their ad campaigns out of Google’s AdSense for Domains.

The Improved Reality of Parked Domain Traffic

For years many of us in the advertiser camp have yelled about the fact that vendors like Google AdWords lump domain traffic in with "search" traffic without giving you much control over the situation.

A lot of this was justifiable yelling – but as with much about the content networks (and stuff that should be in the content network but was in the past classified as search), today’s reality seems to have improved.

Your Search Ad: No Search, But You Paid Google
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When is a search ad click not really a click? According to Richard Ball of Apogee Web Consulting, it’s when someone clicks an ad on a parked domain to reach a site. So why is Google charging for these as ad clicks?