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Gross Yourself Out with AsapSCIENCE’s Look at Horrifying Parasites

Star YouTube scientific illustrators AsapSCIENCE often take their cues for their videos from suggestions in the YouTube comments – so I’d like to personally thank whoever suggested this gem. Parasites are just disgusting, and there’s a chance that you have one penetrating your bodily defenses right now. Somehow, even cute illustrations can’t lessen the creepiness of an anal worm. Gross. …

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Cat Poop Could Become Public Health Problem, Researchers Warn

A review in the journal Trends in Parasitology this week warns that cat poop could be an under-appreciated public health problem. E. Fuller Torrey of The Stanley Medical Research Institute and Robert Yolken of the Johns Hopkins University Medical Center warn that 1.2 million metric tons of cat feces is put into the U.S. environment each year, and that some …

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Cat Lady Suicide: Parasites Could Be the Cause

We all know about the archetypal character of the crazy cat lady. And odds are if you haven’t experienced this kind of person in real life, you’ve seen a character representative on shows like CSI, The Office, or The Simpsons. The “crazy cat lady” is associated with an aging spinster who attempts to fill the void in her life with …

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