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Obama Impeachment Rejected by Experienced GOP Voices

“Impeach him! Impeach the President!” shouted someone on the stand; And it’s likely they’d a-impeached him had not Boehner raised his hand. It’s good to be the king, or so the man told us. But apparently it ain’t no good …

Tesla: $465 Million Palin-Criticized Loan Paid Off Tesla: $465 Million Palin-Criticized Loan Paid Off
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In 2010, the U.S. Department of Energy issued a $465 million loan to Tesla Motors, the California-based electric car manufacturer founded in 2003. The loan was a part of the Department of Energy’s Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing (ATVM) program, and …

How Smart Are The Candidates?
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If you had to rely on the Internet to tell you how smart 2008’s presidential and vice presidential candidates are, your journey would end either without an answer (if you have a sufficient IQ of your own) or some wildly skewed perceptions (if you are, kindly, a trusting soul).

Hackers Copy Palin’s Yahoo E-mail

In a blow to the republican vice presidential candidate’s privacy, hackers have taken over and copied all the e-mails out of Governor Palins e-mail account on Yahoo. The best part is that no one knows if the account was hacked via a Yahoo Zero day or a bad password choice.