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TheFind Thinks Google Shopping Will Hurt Consumers

Google is scheduled to complete its transition to the paid inclusion-based Google Shopping model for its product search results next week. Some retailers have expressed disdain for the move, while others have embraced it. At least one has compared Google to a drug dealer. TheFind.com, member of the FairSearch Coalition, is the latest to speak out against the transition. FairSearch, …

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Search Industry Vet Calls Upon FTC To Scrutinize Google (And Other Search Engines)

Veteran search industry journalist Danny Sullivan has written a letter to the Federal Trade Commission, calling on the organization to look into the disclosure of paid listings in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Nextag, Twenga, and TripAdvisor. Sullivan intros the letter, making the case for why he is worth listening to. This is essentially because he has been covering the industry …

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Google Seems To Be OK With Paid Inclusion These Days

We know from the countless instances of paid link penalties that Google doesn’t like it when you buy your way into organic search results, but Google has other financial transactions that influence some of its search results. Last month, Danny sullivan and Pamela Parker put out an interesting report about Google’s apparent paid inclusion program, which comes in the form …

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Google Paid Inclusion Results: Sponsored, But Not Ads?

It would appear that some companies get the privilege of paying to be featured in Google search results that most others don’t. Obviously anyone can pay for AdWords ads, but Google reportedly has a new presentation for a certain kind of ad that is a little bit different. Danny Sullivan, with contributions from Pamela Parker, has put together a very …

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Local Paid Inclusion And What Bruce Clay Said About It Ahead Of The New Year

This week, Bruce Clay, a respected search engine marketing agency (whose founder WebProNews has interviewed many times) launched something called Local Paid Inclusion. The official description said: Local Paid Inclusion is a Google, Yahoo and Bing contracted service and is offered as an approved official program in cooperation with those search engines. Local Paid Inclusion promotes a local business’ profile …

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