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Martian Atmosphere Had Oxygen 4 Billion Years Ago, Shows Study

A recent study by researchers at Oxford University has shown that the planet Mars may hav had an oxygen-rich atmosphere 4 billion years ago. Using meteorites identified as coming from Mars, as well as data from Mars rover Spirit, researchers …

3D Printers One Step Closer To Creating Human Tissue

3D printing has performed some miraculous feats in the field of medicine. Researchers are already playing around with the idea of growing organs with 3D printers, and now one university has proven that you can make human-like tissue with the …

Spouses Play Online Spy Games
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Twenty percent of married Internet users in the UK have admitted to reading their spouses emails and text messages according to a survey from Oxford University.

A majority of respondents (94%) disapproved of their partners having cyber-sex, while 88 percent disapproved of sharing personal information about the other partner online. Flirting online was unpopular with 85 percent of married Internet users. Discussing relationship problems to others was frowned upon by 89 percent.