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Occupy Wall Street Buys Debt at 50-1, Abolishes It

Reuters and the Guardian both report one of Occupy Wall Street’s spinoff groups, the Rolling Jubilee Project, announcing this week that they have successfully bought $14.7 million in healthcare debt accumulated by Americans for roughly $400,000. Rolling Jubilee was set up by the OWS debt group Strike Debt! after the widespread financial protests in 2011. Andrew Ross, a member of …

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Twitter Finally Gives Up Occupy Protester’s Tweets

The saga of New York criminal court, Twitter, and #Occupy protestor Malcolm Harris appears to have come to a close, as Twitter has officially handed over tweets that they had been fighting to protect for months. The story, which begins with an arrest stemming from Occupy Wall Street protests, has a few twists and turns. Here’s the recap: In October …

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Occupy Wall Street as Told By The Internet

#OWS and #occupywallstreet have been some of the hottest leading trends on Twitter these past couple of months. As both support and resentment towards the movement builds, so does the presence and size of “Occupy Wall Street”. What’s been the true story of the movement, and can the internet give us a definitive answer? Let’s take a look. We know …

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