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Occupy Wall Street Buys Debt at 50-1, Abolishes It

Reuters and the Guardian both report one of Occupy Wall Street’s spinoff groups, the Rolling Jubilee Project, announcing this week that they have successfully bought $14.7 million in healthcare debt accumulated by Americans for roughly $400,000. Rolling Jubilee was set up by the OWS debt group Strike Debt! after the widespread financial protests in 2011. Andrew Ross, a member of …

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Twitter Finally Gives Up Occupy Protester’s Tweets

The saga of New York criminal court, Twitter, and #Occupy protestor Malcolm Harris appears to have come to a close, as Twitter has officially handed over tweets that they had been fighting to protect for months. The story, which begins with an arrest stemming from Occupy Wall Street protests, has a few twists and turns. Here’s the recap: In October …

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