Independent Workforce Update [Infographic]

Independent Workforce Update [Infographic]

By Shawn Hess March 16, 2012 | 2 Comments

Early in March we reported on on a new infographic from Mavenlin.Com, a professional meeting space and specialized referral service, to address the issue of the growing independent workforce. If you remember, the infographic gave us some facts and figures …

The True Cost of an In-House SEO Campaign

When a company is considering embarking upon a search engine optimization campaign, the first discussion that normally is had is whether to take care of the campaign in house or to hire an outside SEO firm.

Specializations for Outsourcing

Google’s in the press again, and this time about information security, and a host of other “specializations” that can be, and maybe should be outsourced.

3PL Defined – Back to Basics in 2007

Organizations want to develop products for global markets. At the same time, they need to source material globally to be competitive.

Outsourcing a Digg Army

This is probably a non-starter, but it’s fun to think about. It’s well known among the most ardent click fraud combatants that there are armies of low-paid workers in the world that are paid to do nothing but click on ads all day – in India, Vietnam, Thailand, and others. But what if the pay-per-digg model was expanded by some crafty, unethical, profiteer through outsourcing?

Outsourcing the Grunge Work

Interesting ideas floating around today, the basic premise is that people are earning a lot of money to build and tear down ACL’s, manage routers, switches, firewalls, and other general day to day maintenance.

IT Services Outsourcing When You Don’t Know Everything

IT services outsourcing is what you need to do when, not if, your prospects ask for products and services that you are not able to deliver.

Outsourcing – Relationships and Issues

Many folks cringe when we start talking about the experiences that we have with outsourcing anything from the company.

Results In For Survey On Network Outsourcing

The results of the latest IDC WAN Manager Survey indicated something of a mixed outlook for enterprise network outsourcing services and providers. The former may enjoy “robust growth” in the coming months; the latter could “face challenges.”

Professional Blogging: Effective Outsourcing
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Professional blogging, as a paid writer for other blogs, has a very bright future. Writing blog posts for other blogs is truly a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Censored Outsourcing Report Is Released

Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and other companies were left out of the sanitized version of a report summary that glossed over outsourcing issues.

Five Ways To Find Outsourcing Clients
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Often used interchangeably with “offshoring,” the term “outsourcing” has much broader-reaching implications.

Good Deals in Software Outsourcing

Specialist Software Outsourcing and Offshore Development firm Core Solutions is offering quite a deal for those looking to outsource projects.

Outsourcing Sales
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For many companies, the decision to outsource sales is based on the well-established idea that it is better to contract for services that are not within the scope of a company’s true set of competencies.

What happened to the “Giant Sucking Sound” of Outsourcing

The conventional wisdom is that outsourcing has been very bad for the U.S. Information Technology workforce.

20 Questions To See If You Are Ready To Outsource

Take this quick free quiz to see if you are ready to start outsourcing your software development.

Use An MRD To Control Your Outsourcing

Is your software development process as unpredictable as the weather? Is your software casting a shadow causing six more weeks of programming? Are you using a marketing requirements document (MRD) or magic to predict your software release schedule?