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Microsoft Shows Off New Product Search Features

The other day, Doug reported that Microsoft Live Search Mobile had added product search abilities to its arsenal, but that is not all that the softies are up to on the product search front.

New Live Search Products Launches

It often seems like there are more shopping sites than there are products on the market, and Microsoft’s property has never been near the top of the list.  Yet a new update should, if not rocket it up there, at least move Live Search Products a little closer.

Online Shopping By Minorities Increases
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Online shopping by African-Americans, Asians, Hispanics and other minorities has increased significantly over the past five years, according to a new report from The Media Audit.

Only 44% Of Online Shoppers Are Happy With Company Web Sites

A majority of online shoppers (74.5%) said they use a company’s Web site to get information about a product or service, but less than half (44%) said the information met their needs a new study from ServiceXRG, "Influencing the Online Experience," found.

The study surveyed around 1,000 companies and online shoppers to find out how people use search for online support, do product research and take part in shopping activities.

Books Most Purchased Item Online
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Globally, the most popular items to purchase online are books with 41 percent of Internet users doing so in the last three months according to Nielsen Online.

Among U.S. Internet users 38 percent bought books in the past month. In the UK 45 percent of Internet users have bought books online and in Germany 55 percent had done the same.

Online Holiday Shoppers Having Positive Experience

A majority of online shoppers (82%), report being very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with the customer support available during their online holiday shopping experience this year, according to Nielsen Online.

Online Holiday Shoppers Having Positive Experience

Online Holiday Spending Reaches $22 Billion

Online holiday spending between November 1 and December 14 increased 18 percent compared to the same time period last year reaching $22 billion according to comScore.

Monday, December 10 reached $881 million in sales (up33 percent versus last year), registering as the heaviest online spending day of the season and the heaviest online spending day on record.

Price Or Convenience? Maybe Both

Last month Nielsen Online released the results of survey suggesting that online shoppers prefer the convenience of online shopping as their main reason for participating.

This month, another survey says that price is the most important factor.

Half Have Shopped Online While At Work

One-fifth of people say that the workplace is the main location where they access the Internet according to a survey from Burst Media.

Cyber Monday Myth Busted Again

 It was like pulling the plug while the stereo was still going – that droopy drop-off of sound and fury – two years ago when the first so-called "Cyber Monday" was conveniently labeled, leaked, and then debunked as hooey on Tuesday. And again this year, it just ain’t so.

Over Half Will Shop From Work Today

A whopping 72 million people will be shopping online today, the recently-appointed day for it, and the vast majority will be logging in from work.

Online Shopping Grows 30%
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Online shopping continues to grow and 39 percent of adults reported making a purchase online at least monthly, versus 30 percent in 2005, a 30 percent increase over two years, according to a new study from icrossing, "How America Searches: Online Retail."

Give Santa A Break, Start Your Holiday SEO Early
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At some point we may see Santa actually holding a Jack-o-lantern, unless these folks have their way. Whatever’s too early offline though isn’t online in terms of preparing your online store for the holiday season.

Online Consumers Shop Slower

I’ve always been a cautious shopper, but, depending on the item, a few hours’ worth of research is generally more than enough for me to make up my mind.  Now new data indicates that most people take much longer – and, indeed, are taking increasing amounts of time – to make online purchasing choices.

Study: Live Chat Ups Conversions Tenfold
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Sales, online and off, are closed when the customer trusts the seller. To that end, how far does including live chat in the online sales and checkout process go toward sealing the deal? Numbers are coming in, and they’re looking good.

MySpace Driving Online Retail Purchases

Though retail sites get about a quarter of their traffic from search engines, they are also increasingly getting traffic from MySpace, perhaps answering some reservations posed about the efficacy of creating a presence in social networks.

When The Weather’s Bad, People Shop More Online

If there’s a wicked storm going on (like the one raging outside the WebProNews offices at this very moment), then expect your online store to see a spike in activity.

Online Product Information Important To Shoppers
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Being able to research products online is important to retail shoppers. Ninety-one percent of online shoppers said it was "important" or "very important" for retailers to offer in- depth product information online according to WebCollage’s 2007 "Survey of Online Consumer Product Research Habits."

Shoppers Want Quick Access To Online Information

The number of people who shop online continues to grow with 48 percent of consumers saying they have increased shopping online "a great deal" or "somewhat" in the past five years, according to a survey sponsored by RightNow Technologies conducted by Harris Interactive.

Online Shoppers Worry About Security
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Eight in 10 consumers who had a preference said they would spend more online if they had a safe substitute to credit cards, according to Javelin Strategy and Research’s "2007 Annual Javelin Consumer Payment Poll".

Online Shoppers Unmoved By Fast Retail
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Retail stores promote ordering items on their Web sites and then offer consumers the option of quickly being able to pick the item up.